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By Jane Napier Neely | May 27, 2010
I 'm back to our fair city from a jaunt to Boulder, Colo., and its rarefied atmosphere. Colorado offered up its most interesting weather just for us. One afternoon we were treated to a dramatic thunderstorm with lightning blazing across the sky in multiple directions and ear-splitting blasts of thunder. All of our little kids — three 3 year-olds, one 6-year-old and one 9-year-old — sat at the window watching the extravaganza as if they were in a movie theater. They seemed to be mesmerized by it all, screeching with delight with each roar of thunder.
By Jane Napier Neely | July 28, 2010
According to the weather people on the various TV stations, we are headed for one of the coolest Julys in recent recorded history. Guess Mother Nature just knew some of us were loving that "June gloom" and just kept giving us extra servings. It was cool enough early Monday morning for me to dig out my fuzzy slippers because my feet were cold — who ever heard of that in July? So, for now I'm quite happy with our overcast mornings. . Even though we have been in the glooms in the a.m., by the time we reach the p.m. the day has warmed up sufficiently to give us balmy nights.
By Jane Napier Neely | August 4, 2010
La Cañada's Memorial Park was the happening place last Sunday when Dean Colley's Hot August Nights Band, a Neil Diamond tribute band, rocked the town with the music of the famous singer. Instead of it being a hot August night, it was a temperate one with a gentle breeze wending its way in and out of the huge crowd that had come to listen to Diamond familiar tunes like "Sweet Caroline," "Crunchy Granola Suite," "Sing Sung Blues" and "Brother Love's Traveling Salvation Show."
By Jane Napier Neely | June 10, 2010
L ast week was a bonanza for musical theater aficionados with the opening of two major Broadway revivals. On Tuesday night, "A Chorus Line" opened to a sold-out crowd at Hollywood's historic Pantages Theatre. Rogers and Hammerstein's endearing musical "South Pacific" opened at the Ahmanson Theatre on Wednesday night to an equally packed and wildly enthusiastic house. "A Chorus Line," which opened on Broadway in 1975 and has won nine Tony Awards and the Pulitzer Prize for drama, has not lost its magnetic attraction and is as compelling and fresh as when it first opened.
By Jane Napier Neely | April 2, 2014
As if by magic, the morning clouds dissipated and the bright sun came out just in time for nearly 200 women who gathered in the beautiful patio at the Thursday Club for the venerable organization's annual fashion show benefit. The clubhouse garden was showing off its spring finery with daffodils, tulips, roses and camellias all in bloom in perfect floral choreography. Gracella Gibbs , chair of the event said, "We selected the theme of 'Celebrate' to recognize the formation of the new La Cañada Thursday Club Foundation with all proceeds from the event to go to the Foundation in support of our scholarship programs.
By Jane Napier Neely | June 11, 2013
The "tween" social season (between spring and summer) has been so busy it would make most people's heads spin. It certainly has my brain buzzing. Where do I begin? I'll just jump in with talking about Las Candelas, an amazing organization that raised $90,000 for emotionally disturbed children under the direction of Monica Sierra , who was president for the past two years. The group volunteered nearly 400 hours to organizations Hathaway-Sycamores, Hillsides, Glendale Healthy Kids, Glendale YWCA and the Didi Hirsch Center.
By Jane Napier Neely | November 13, 2013
On Monday morning, Veterans Day, I was so focused on my computer screen that it seemed that the rest of the world had disappeared. Like a pesky fly, a low but persistent sound penetrated my consciousness. I was taken out of time and place because it was the sound of vintage fixed-winged airplanes emerging from a distance and the sound grew to a deep rumble and rattled the loose pane of glass in my office window as they flew right over my house. A thousand thoughts raced through my mind.
By Jane Napier Neely | August 20, 2009
The last of the summer snooze is in full force. Things are pretty quiet around here as families are still on vacation or at home recovering from their adventures. Whichever way you slice or dice it, it comes up zzzz time on the society front. Which brings to mind, please give me a tweet and let me know about some of your travels so they can be shared here in the Valley Line — and don’t forget to include photos. This is a good way to make your vacation scrapbook even more memorable — the story of your adventure printed in ye olde Valley Sun. For all of you newcomers, and long-timers, too, the La Cañada Valley Sun is the newspaper of record here.
By Jane Napier Neely | April 30, 2014
Guess what? I'm another year older today. My, these birthdays just sneak up on a person when you're not looking. I must admit, however, I always like the way I feel when it is my "special" day because it is just that - special. I share this day with my twin sister, Elaine, who lives in Santa Barbara. We were surprise May baskets for my mother and father, lo those many years ago. Nobody, not even the doctor, knew two babies would arrive that day. I came first and there was much joy on my arrival.
By Jane Napier Neely | April 24, 2014
What a thrilling celestial event we had last week with the spectacular "Blood Moon" eclipse. I must have been a sight to behold as I stood in my driveway in my pajamas with my binoculars around my neck and my camera in hand. I guess my neighbors weren't as tuned in as I was because I didn't run into any of them roaming the neighborhood - lucky them. Just in case you missed this lunar spectacle, you will have another chance because in October there will be another total lunar eclipse.
By Jane Napier Neely and By Jane Napier Neely | April 16, 2014
Whew! Tax time is over. Certainly not my favorite time of the year. Actually, I get quite cranky. Of course there is not a darn thing to be done about it. Ben Franklin once wrote in a letter, "Our new Constitution is now established, and has an appearance that promises permanency; but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. " Amen, Ben. --- The best part of the last two weeks is that I learned a new word, luthier. A luthier is one who makes stringed instruments such as violin, viola, cello, guitar, harp and lute.
By Jane Napier Neely | April 9, 2014
This past weekend we had a preview of summer with high 80-degree weather. Surprise, I loved it! On Saturday night I went to see St. Francis High School's production of "Titanic - The Musical," story and book by Peter Stone with music and lyrics by Maury Yeston. This was a joint theatrical effort by St. Francis students and young women from Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy. Directing the production was Emmanuel "Manny" Eulalia , who heads up the performing arts department at St. Francis.
By Jane Napier Neely | March 26, 2014
The first weekend of spring just whizzed by. With the heavy early morning cloud cover, the weather people commented that we were experiencing either June gloom or May gray. Absolutely nobody mentioned April showers. Our parched earth would have welcomed that forecast. Yes, water conservation is ever present in my mind. I have reluctantly given up my long hot showers - I'm singing short songs these days. --- The spring social season is in full swing and love is also in the air. The Valley Sun got a note from Debbie Bacino saying that she will be married in April.
By Jane Napier Neely | March 19, 2014
I love clouds and we hardly ever get them here. Last Thursday we had flotillas of fabulous, puffy white clouds that plied the ocean of bright blue sky. They were propelled by wind gusts that made them appear that they had rockets on them. They were moving so quickly they almost made me dizzy. Anyway, I did enjoy the cloud show while I made my way about the community running errands. --- Also last Thursday, the Oakmont League of Glendale held a pretty exciting fundraising event.
By Jane Napier Neely | March 12, 2014
My garden loved all the rain we got when February came to an end with a series of storms. The leaves on my camellia bushes seem shinier, the azalea bushes are abundant with glorious blooms and the lemon tree is very heavy with fruit. It looks like I'm going to have plenty of juice to freeze for summer's lemonade. Last weekend I basked in the warmth as I plumped the pillows on my favorite swing in the back patio and settled in to read a book and listen to bird song. An occasional butterfly would momentarily distract me from the pages of my book.
By Jane Napier Neely and By Jane Napier Neely | March 5, 2014
That golden guy had his big night out last Sunday when Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 86th Academy Award ceremony at Hollywood's Dolby Theatre. Thank goodness Friday's and Saturday's deluge had abated and didn't flood the red carpet arrivals of the stars. It was a big night with "12 Years a Slave" coming out on top as best picture. If I had been a voting member of the Academy, this film would have also gotten my vote - it is an extraordinary movie. The red carpet parade of the elegant fashions and fabulous jewels once again captured my attention.
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