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April 26, 2007
La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board member Cindy Wilcox announced this week she is running for re-election. The local school board election is scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 6. With financial help from the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation, the District re-implemented class size reduction in 9th grade math and English for the 2006-07 school year. Recently, Wilcox made a motion to allocate $500,000 to reduce class sizes, which would have paid for six additional teachers for 2007-08, but it was not supported by her colleagues.
By by Nicholas Louie | August 28, 2008
Last school year was one of transition for Crescenta Valley High School that began with the transfer of then co-principal Mike Evans to the Glendale Unified School District?s main offices. After listening to parents, staff and fellow administrators, the decision was made by district officials not to hire another co-principal and instead reorganized the administrative structure that named Linda Evans as sole principal and Chris Coulter as associate principal. Evans noted that although her daily tasks and duties haven?
May 13, 2010
Teachers, staff feted by 7/8 PTA In honor of Teacher Appreciation Week, the La Cañada High School 7/8 PTA hosted a Cinco de Mayo-themed luncheon for nearly 70 of the middle school?s teachers and staff members. The luncheon featured food from Los Gringos Locos with dessert from Cakery Bakery. Spring luncheon co-chairs Jillian Cycon and Anne Decker organized a team of volunteer parents who decorated the teacher?s lounge, donated supplies, and helped serve and clean-up.
December 2, 2004
Kim and Bill McComas moved to Sparr Heights 12 years ago when Bill was hired as an associate professor in science education at USC. The couple met when they were both teaching high school in Morristown, Penn. Bill taught a photography class in an adult evening school. Kim took the class while they were dating. Bill claims, "That sealed the deal." As we walked down the halls of the family home, I admired Bill's photographs. They lined the walls outside the bedrooms of the McComas children, Will, 11, and Emily, 9. Both children are students at Fremont Elementary School.
By Chris Sutton | June 3, 2004
It was standing room only in La Cañada High School's auditorium at the Honors Reception for the seventh and eighth grade students who have been selected each month of the school year as students of the month. The reception was hosted by the Associated Student Body officers and the faculty. During the school year, over 180 students have been selected by their teachers as students of the month, from each of the four schools. Each student was selected because of their character, being helpful, going beyond what is expected or a random act of kindness they displayed, such as going out of their way to help a new student.
By Megan O’Neil | October 22, 2009
La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board candidates have been tossing around the words “charter district” for weeks, but on Tuesday LCUSD officials got concrete answers to at least some of their questions concerning the advantages and disadvantages of converting to an all charter district. During a charter workshop conducted in conjunction with the board’s regular bi-weekly meeting, lawyer and charter specialist Melanie Petersen said the first step in converting to a charter district is drafting a detailed charter petition.
September 9, 2004
It was Monday morning, the first day of school. I was finishing my early morning workout, heading home on La Cañada Boulevard with a slow 'Boston Shuffle.' As I passed La Cañada Elementary, the school appeared as though it was drifting on its oars. With a brief reflective moment I envisioned the excitement, expectation, and promise that soon would envelop the campus. The quiet was fleeting. It hardly masked the noise coming from a car, parked across the street from school.
By Elaine La Marr,Valley Sun | August 16, 2007
Although a final vote on revisions to the student assessment policy was tabled until September, the La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board on Tuesday held an additional first reading on the draft of the revised document. The vote was delayed until next month so that board member Jinny Dalbeck, who was unable to attend this week’s meeting, could participate in the final discussion of the matter and the formal vote. The assessment policy has been a contentious issue for several years with parents requesting all tests be sent home for review, particularly those with poor results, and teachers expressing concerns about the loss of control of their materials, copyright and/or proprietary issues and additional physical and time constraints already part of their workload.
'By Leticia Cheng, grade 11 and Valley Sun intern | June 17, 2004
Because the end of the school year was looming over our heads, all my teachers suddenly felt so obligated to cram their students with so many projects. Last week, I was up every night until nearly 2 a.m. attempting to write a research paper on author Barbara Kingsolver, make a PowerPoint presentation on post-War of 1812 American culture and write a 20-page account of my life - in a foreign language. On top of all that, there were still other homework assignments to complete and other tests to study for, including a 600-word Spanish vocabulary test.
July 27, 2011
School board election needs contest of ideas “Your son got Mrs. X for math? She hasn't rewritten tests since two textbooks ago. My daughter had her last year - a total nightmare.” It's no secret: There are superstar teachers and dud teachers in La Cañada Unified School District - many parents can name them. Yet the district continues to be strong-armed into pretending these differences don't exist. The teachers union contract with the district constrains the school board and administrators, limiting the district's ability to enforce best practices against the will of teachers, to compensate them based on merit, and more.
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