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By Mary O'Keefe | June 5, 2008
La Cañada Unified School District Governing Board meetings are, for the most part, emotionless. Facts and figures concerning everything from budgets to parcel taxes are discussed in seemingly endless PowerPoint presentations. But for a few moments during public communication at Tuesday’s meeting, emotion, loyalty and solidarity guided the night. “On May 30, our classrooms were emptied for our spirit rally where the sixth graders were being honored,” began Pam Daniger, a kindergarten teacher at La Cañada Elementary for 13 years.
August 11, 2005
I was sitting in the audience at the La Cañada school board meeting on Aug. 2 and I could not believe what I heard! The school board members were given an opportunity to settle the on-going negotiations with the teacher's association and they boldly and unanimously chose to use the money to pay off the 20-year lease they have with the city for the sewer system at one of the elementary schools. The school board has been in negotiations with the teachers for more than 18 months.
June 2, 2005
THOUGHTS FROM DR. JOE by Dr. Joe Puglia Thursday evening I had a skip in my step as I headed to Open House at La Cañada Elementary. There was a festive atmosphere in the air. Those attending would experience a great culmination of learning, creativity, hard work and vision. It was all coming together in rather a spectacular way. The first grade classrooms were decorated with various themes and I was anxious to see Ms. Rappleye's Redwood Forest, Mrs. Bornhurst's Ocean, Mrs. Redfern's Living Desert, Kathy Kaze's Rainforest and the accomplishments of the students of Mrs. Pruden, Harris, Hughes, Kepner, Hopkins, Sinay and Mr. Berger.
By Ralph Saenz | June 29, 2006
The dramatic increase in the number of diagnosed students with disabilities, including autism, coupled with the drop in staff and lack of adequate funding is beginning to take its toll in the La Cañada Unified School District special education program. While the mounting problems with the program were talked over by parents, teachers and district administrators at a special workshop on Tuesday conduced by the LCUSD Board of Governors, there is still hope that the right planning and cooperation can lessen the strain of teaching special education students.
October 18, 2013
Our La Cañada public school district allows its employees - teachers - to teach classes at other non-LCUSD schools during the summer, and tutor students when not enrolled in their classes. These classes are sometimes ones that are offered at LCUSD, though not necessarily in the summer. However, summer school courses can be a full substitute for regular school-year courses. The school board, and the community, has never had an issue with this because it is legal and allowed under policy, and it has helped many students over the years.
By Chuck Sambar | September 28, 2006
This commentary reflects my personal view on critical issues facing public education. Few would argue that more public school reforms are needed to achieve greater excellence in teaching and learning. We owe it to our students, community, and nation to focus continued attention on education issues and challenges and to find solutions that improve student achievement.. California's education reform measures of the past ten years appear to be paying off. School districts and their teachers are required to teach to standards, and they are held accountable to achieve certain performance targets.
By Neal Millard ? | November 12, 2009
I would like to congratulate the winners of the recent school board election. I sincerely wish you the best over the next few years. However, before I fade into the sunset, I would like to share with the community and the board the issues I see based on my conversations with parents, teachers and students in the hopes that these issues can be addressed and the problems they represent can be resolved. Financial: Financial issues will take center court and are paramount.
May 4, 2006
A standing room only crowd of Crestview Preparatory School's parents, staff, and teachers were treated to the annual dance performances by the students on April 24. Arsine Gendal, Ms. "G", the school's physical education teacher, taught kindergarten through sixth grade students different dances from countries around the world. "Throughout the school year I spend a lot of time teaching traditional sports like volleyball and softball, and we do a lot of stretching and calisthenics,"Gendal said.
By Ralph Saenz | March 23, 2006
Following a presentation by La Cañada Unified School District Supt. Jim Stratton on student assessment procedures at a special workshop on Tuesday evening, school board members expressed their disappointment with the process. Board members and even people in the audience said they have come across teachers who do not follow district guidelines to send home tests and instructional syllabuses to show how their children are doing in school and what they are studying. In discussing high school assessment guidelines, Stratton said it was important that teachers keep in regular communication with parents so they know how their child is progressing in school.
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