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May 22, 2008
Mix clothing textures if your personal profile is mixed, i.e., if you have textured skin and smooth hair you can wear a raw silk suit with satin blouse. Match your fabrics to your personal profile of eyes, skin, hair, body structure, age, and height. ? Profiles: Tall, slight build, smooth skin and hair. Fabrics: Taffeta, organdy chintz, velveteen. Profiles: Tall, angular build, highly textured skin, coarse hair.
August 10, 2006
Loa Blasucci You have an amazing feature that can glint, gleam, sparkle, twinkle, stare, cry and wink. Sometimes known as "the window to your soul", I'm talking about your eyes. Aging is relative-a sliding scale that affects us all differently. But, some may notice over time the look of your eyes has changed. Gravity has a way of pulling body parts towards Argentina. Since the eye lids or fatty pads above the eye are prone to this "southward movement," the look of your face is altered.
May 11, 2012
Some of the beauty to be found in the Angeles National Forest this spring can exact a heavy price. Areas burned by the Station fire are sprouting a bush with a lovely purple flower known as the poodle-dog bush. But when it comes to this plant, hikers would do well to head warnings from officials: look, but don't touch. That's because the flowering plant,  Turricula parryi, can cause poison oak-like skin rashes and blisters. The plant thrives in areas where the soil has been ravaged by flash floods or, as in this case, fire.
Nancy Turney | June 15, 2011
Q. I have lived in Southern California all my life and always been a sun worshiper. Should I be concerned about skin cancer?   We all should be concerned about skin cancer. Nearly one in five Americans is expected to develop some type of skin cancer in his or her lifetime. Ten thousand people die from the disease each year. With the thinning of the ozone layer, tanning is now a year-round skin danger. Many people assume that a tan protects them, when in fact a tan is actually a sign of skin damage.
Loa Blasucci | June 3, 2010
Y our body is a walking, talking billboard telling the world how well it's being managed by you. Your waistline, skin tone and even your disposition are all outward signs of just how well you're doing. But there's another marker that is putting some pretty important information out there. Look down at your hands. Here's what you've got: nail plates — the part you see or what you call your nails, nail beds — the skin beneath the nail plates, cuticles — the tissue that curves around the base of the nail and overlaps slightly, nail folds — the skin that supports and frames the nail on three sides, the lunula — the whitish half-moon shape at the base of your nails, and the matrix — the hidden part of the nail unit, under the cuticle.
By Diana Olson | April 15, 2010
Part 1 ? As women enter the wonderful stage of ?mature youth,? which is over 50, they will find that their skin, lips, hair, eyebrows and lashes will thin. Goodness, you say! But the choice is to fight the aging gracefully or just let it happen naturally. There are consequences to letting ourselves go. Our body is a gift, and I feel that there is a responsibility to look and feel the best we can. If you look good, you will feel good and more confident. You will then be more inclined to do good.
By Joe Puglia | March 11, 2010
A few weeks ago I wrote some thoughts on the annual Gala, the essential fundraiser for the La Cañada Flintridge Educational Foundation, which in turn supports the public schools here. After finishing that write I realized there is another perspective, a part two, if you will. Without a second part, thoughts remain incomplete. Sometimes part two needs a part three, and so on. Ideas are more powerful than circumstance and they need to have their day. Before I continue, the following thoughts are not a criticism of the Gala nor of the countless individuals whose contributions fuel the great enthusiasm of the Foundation and thus raise considerable dollars for our schools.
By Loa Blasucci | January 28, 2010
Your eyes are telling on you. They speak volumes about how you feel emotionally, physically and psychologically. I love that we refer to them as the “windows to your soul.” They really are. They provide information on the rate at which you are aging—for most people, they’re the first place aging shows. How well you eat and even your attitude or worldview shows through your eyes. They can sparkle, twinkle, stare, cry, wink, squint and, all the while, spill the beans about how you manage your life.
August 6, 2009
There are changes in fashion trends each season. Personal style is taking into consideration your coloring, personality, bone structure, and energy intensity. Of all the fashion trends that are available, choose only those that enhance your special qualities and body type. You are a beautiful work of art; clothing is your frame. Celebrate yourself! I will share some of the current trends and how they can emphasize your personal style: ?Rompers: This is a one-piece shorts and top. Avoid the cuffs if you have full thighs.
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