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March 25, 2010
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By Nancy Turney | May 6, 2010
Q. I hear so much about cancers that are common in women; are there cancers that are more common in men? I hear so much about cancers that are common in women; are there cancers that are more common in men? Bert, La Cañada ? Yes, there certainly are, and you are wise to become informed. The cancers of concern to men are prostate cancer, testicular cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer. Some of the symptoms to watch out for are: 1. Pain or difficulty urinating, which is often a sign of prostate cancer.
October 7, 2004
Robert "Bob" Middleton McKee, 76, of West Chester, Pa., died Sept. 29, 2004 after a long battle with prostate cancer. He was the loving husband of Sylvia Bomberger McKee and fantastic father to John Robert of Lakeside, Ariz.; Susan McKee Manser of Cherry Hill, N.J.; and David Middleton of Kirkland, Wash. His beloved grandkids are Emily, Anna, Kelsey, Gwyneth, Amber, Ian and Blake. Bob was a graduate of Haverford high School and Drexel University where he received a degree in chemical engineering.
By Loa Blasucci | October 22, 2009
My mom used to always say, “Don’t be concerned with outward appearance—it’s what’s inside that counts.” She was right, and so it goes with last week’s topic, “what’s inside” a pumpkin really counts as well. Pumpkin seeds are such amazing body healers, I had to give you this follow up. Ever had a kidney stone? The pain is right up there with childbirth and will take you to your knees. But studies show that pumpkin seeds prevent calcium oxalate from forming.
March 25, 2004
1917 - 2004 Paul Francis Decker passed away March 21 of complications from cancer. He was 86. Born in Covington, Ky., Sept. 6, 1917, Paul was the second son of Walter and Ottilia Decker. He earned a business degree from the University of Kentucky in 1942. Upon graduation, he joined the Public Roads Department and he spent much of the following year in Alaska assisting in the construction of the Alcan Highway. He joined the Navy in 1943, and through the end of WWII served as a naval officer in the Pacific theater where he established friendships that have endured the intervening six decades.
December 23, 2004
Judge Alexander R. Early III passed away peacefully at 9 a.m. Wed., Dec. 15 at his home in Glendale. He was 87 years old and had been in declining health associated with prostate cancer. He was born in Philadel-phia, Pa. on Sept. 22, 1917, the son of future Rear Admiral A. R. Early, Jr., USN and Elizabeth Frances Dence, a Navy nurse. He graduated from Central High School in Washington, D.C., where he shot on the rifle team and was regimental sergeant major in the high school cadet corps.
By Anita S. Brenner | March 19, 2014
Noelle Ito, a Flintridge Prep alum, class of '98, is a Bark for Life Altadena team captain. The event raises funds for the American Cancer Society and is part of their successful Relay for Life events, which have spread to more than 20 countries and have raised more than $5 billion for support of cancer patients and research into cures. But first, journalistic ethics require a disclaimer: Noelle has set this up in honor of the 10th anniversary of the death of our most wonderful son, 2nd Lt. Andrew Torres, USMC.
By Loa Blasucci | July 28, 2012
For Pablo Neruda, the well-known Chilean poet, food was inspirational. His passion for the taste, texture, color and aroma of good food left us with writings that will make your mouth water. His devotion to food brought him a Nobel Prize and motivated many a shy cook to venture into the kitchen. Neruda loved tomatoes - not just “loved” as in ate them a lot - he loved and adored them down to his soul, and rhapsodized his feelings through magical prose and verse. My favorite line closes his famous poem, “Oda al Tomate”: “The tomato offers its gift of fiery color and cool completeness.” That line makes me want to hold, sniff and squeeze a tomato while I decide how to eat it. Summer-ripened tomatoes are the perfect choice for fresh, beautiful food that packs a nutritious punch.
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