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By Jane Napier Neely | January 12, 2011
It seems lately that community folk are taking a much-deserved winter snooze after the full-speed-ahead pace of the holidays. Things have been pretty quiet around here, which is quite alright with me. I always savor the full 12 days of Christmas, so it was with great reluctance that I dismantled my tree last week and once again carefully wrapped each treasured ornament in tissue paper to store them all away for another year. It is always a little bit sad for me to fulfill this task because each ornament has loving memories attached to it. The ornaments have been gathered from all over the world where my family has traveled, so if they could talk, each one would have a fascinating story to tell.
By Michael J. Arvizu | June 2, 2005
Warning: This article may not be appropriate for children under 9. Daniel Barber sits in a makeup chair in the La Cañada High School drama department green room. His nails are in bad need of a good clipping, his hair is every mother's worst nightmare and his teeth are enough to give the Tooth Fairy a heart attack. Barber has become Bat Boy, the main character in La Cañada High School's spring musical "Bat Boy: the Musical." So how exactly do you go about making a bat boy?
By Diana Olson | June 10, 2010
Part 2 T his week and next I'll wrap up an interview a graduate student, Ivan Iannoli, held with me recently. Iannoli is completing his master of fine arts degree in photography at UCLA and posed several questions to me. Last week I printed the first portion of the interview. Q. If I'm surrounded by the "right" colors, that is, the colors that best suit me, how might my life be different than if I were surrounded by the wrong, or inappropriate colors? The right colors are supportive, not dominant, and highlight a person's eyes, skin, hair, bone structure and energy intensity.
September 6, 2007
I received this as an e-mail from a friend and I think it is worth sharing with all of you. A ?young? person asked the question ?How do you feel about being old?? She answered, ?Old age, I decided, is a gift. ?I am now, probably for the first time in my life, the person I have always wanted to be. Oh, not my body. I sometime despair over my body, the wrinkles, the baggy eyes, and the sagging rear end. And often I am taken aback by that old person that lives in my mirror (who looks like my mother!
By Lauren Oakes | March 15, 2007
A recent end piece in the Sunday New York Times Magazine (yes, I still read that because it is a fascinating conglomeration of information each and every week though I have several times canceled my subscription to that and the L.A. Times because of idiotic positions they have taken on some political matters), ahem. Anyway, the very funny end-piece by Sara Davidson, in which she bemoans the apathy regarding her continued worth by her grown kids and how her decision to take up downhill ski racing all dove-tailed into a neat little, uh, uh, oh bother!
September 22, 2005
Lauren Oakes Summer Season Recalled Connor and Faye were both doing summer ball, soft for her, hard for him. So I spent a lot of time sitting in a portable sling chair trying to figure out how all the other parents always know when it's a bad call, what the score is, and what just happened. Did they all take baseball 101 in school? Where was I? Some of them even have these little notepads with tiny baseball diamonds printed on them and columns for runs, hits and errors.
June 5, 2008
?I could care less what I look like,? is a myth perpetuated by men about themselves. Graying hair, facial wrinkles and bulging waistlines are topics of discussion and concern among the male sex. So is wardrobe! A well-groomed well-dressed man will be promoted more quickly, earn a higher salary, make more sales and earn more money over a lifetime. He?s more often invited to social gatherings, and needless to say, has an easier time finding female companionship. No matter how heavy or thin you may be, men, it is vitally important to look attractive and dignified.
By Morgan Hartley | April 20, 2006
When I first saw them, they struck me as an odd couple. They were sitting and laughing over the table, radiating a sense of fun and excitement that made me feel like a 10-year-old who wanted to go out and play. From that day in late October, they would become my best friends in Spain, bringing me out of my bubble of solitude and delightedly showing me the ropes to a new social life. Alejandro, nicknamed "Lama," is intense, full of energy and life. He is always the first at the table, whether it be la comida, the dancing platform or table soccer.
May 11, 2006
Letters to the Editor Don't Mask Memorial Day By introduction, I have been a resident of LCF for 36 years and am a decorated Vietnam veteran. Again this year, I was disturbed to see the "Fiesta Days" proclamation masking the true meaning of Memorial Day. Several years ago I voiced my concerns to LCF Chamber of Commerce members and made progress in hopes of phasing out these words (fiesta days). Taken from Webster's, the word fiesta is specifically "a saint's day celebrated in Spain and Latin America with processions and dances."
March 25, 2010
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