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Film Review

August 14, 2008
For those of you who loved the film ?Superbad? and just wished there was more violence and pot, your dream has come true. ?Pineapple Express? has blood, drugs, guns, and buddy comedy that can?t be beat. Seth Rogen stars as Dale Denton, a paranoid pothead who witnesses a murder and is on the run with his drug dealer friend, Saul Silver, played by James Franco. Much like the other movies producer Judd Apatow has done, such as ?Superbad? and ?Knocked Up,? the humor is somewhat low- brow, but still very funny for any adult audience.
By Lauren Otero | September 7, 2006
Mark Wahlberg stars in Invincible, the true story of 1970s pro-football player Vince Papale. Skeptics and critics threaten Papale's pursuit of an impossible triumph as a no name attempting to make his mark among seasoned football veterans. Like the jeers of Philadelphia Eagle's fanatics tired of watching their coveted team fail, Papale faces equally critical reactions. Invincible describes the power of non-believers and believers in launching Papale from part-time bartender to superstar athlete.
By Rebecca Villalpando | December 3, 2009
?New Moon? is every teenage girl?s dream: hot guys, epic romance, and a little danger. It sounds a bit corny when put like that; however, when masked behind the flowery prose in the novel, the story comes off as a heart-breaking tale of true, undying love. This is the problem with ?New Moon? as a movie: it is easy for those who haven?t read the book to mock it, and even fans ? like myself ? can?t help but crack a smile when images of the lead characters frolicking through a meadow flash across the screen.
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