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By Nancy Turney | April 20, 2011
Q. For various reasons, I have to spend more time at home alone lately and I am lonely. What's the difference between being lonely and just being alone? Lonely is defined as: Affected with, characterized by, or causing a depressing feeling of being alone; lonesome. Alone is: Separate or apart. Would you agree that “alone” generally is a more tolerable and pleasant state of being? If so, how do you move from feeling lonely to just being alone? An important first step is to accept being alone, rather than to resist it. What's equally important is to understand that spending time alone at home is a skill that can be learned.
May 14, 2009
Attentiveness This is a fast-paced world that only by slowing down and increasing concentration on the moment can we increase our level of attentiveness to the world around us. Attentiveness is about external and internal self-awareness. This effort and process selectively concentrates on one aspect of a person or environment that preempts thoughts, feelings and actions. For instance, attentively watching your child to make sure that he/she doesn?t walk out into the street.
By Diana Olson | March 4, 2010
Part 1 “Communication is the fine art of mutual consideration and communication about matters of common interest that basically have some human importance.” “Speech is civilization itself.” — Thomas Mann “The real art of conversation is not only to say the right thing in the right place but to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment.” It is stated that, “Familiarity breeds contempt.
December 20, 2007
For some older people, the holidays can generate feelings of sadness as they think about lost loved ones, financial concerns, or health problems. Many factors can cause the “holiday blues”: stress, fatigue, unrealistic expectations, over-commercialization, and the inability to be with one’s family and friends. The demands of shopping, parties, family reunions and house guests also contribute to feelings of tension. People may also develop other stress responses such as headaches, excessive drinking, over-eating and difficulty sleeping.
August 25, 2005
Thoughts From Dr. Joe by Dr. Joe Puglia I had this crazy idea four years ago.  "Let's organize a camp trip for the girls and the neighborhood kids," I said to Kaitzer. "Great idea," she remarked, "But we have to do it in the back yard, the children are too young for the mountains."  "Back yard!!! 'Gees Zoë Wiz,' there ain't no adventure in that," I thought. Well let me tell you, it worked, it was one fun campout, and we never looked back. We called it the Camporee and I guess you'd say it's become a tradition.
January 18, 2007
Creating Rapport: People don't care until you care. Extend yourself and care first for others. Conversations: In order to stimulate conversations use Who? What? Where? When? Why? questions. Ask open-ended questions that evoke more than "yes" or "no." Maybe, ask "What do you think?" Listen with your heart and head. Share yourself using some responses from their statements. Encourage "verbal ping-pong" in which the conversation goes back and forth easily between both people.
November 2, 2006
Business and social etiquette require courtesy and kindness in creating a rapport with others. Civility is a process of kindness. The correct communication techniques can create a rapport with others that create positive results. Having empathy with the feelings of the other person and knowledge of these techniques is an invaluable life skill that can enjoy a true advantage professionally and socially. Good communication can create positive relationships in friendships, marriages, and families.
By Sara Cardine, | April 3, 2014
For years, La Cañada has worn the mantle of "Tree City USA," a title bestowed by the national Arbor Day Foundation upon communities that support tree preservation, in part, by maintaining a comprehensive tree ordinance. The city recently revised its tree ordinance after 12 years to simplify rules protecting certain species and to codify language on preservation, removal and maintenance. At the time, City Council had the opportunity to consider also protecting "heritage trees," or nonprotected species with a diameter of at least 36 inches, but declined.
By Tiffany Kelly, | May 8, 2013
Capt. Bill Song, the new commander of the Crescenta Valley Sheriff's Station, has returned to his roots. Song grew up in the area, attending Rosemont Middle School and Crescenta Valley High School. Since then, he's moved to Claremont and has built a 22-year career at the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. He most recently worked as an executive aide to Asst. Sheriff Cecil Rhambo. But Song said it's good to be back in La Crescenta, and to be given the opportunity to become reacquainted with the area as an adult.
By Sara Cardine | March 20, 2013
A small crowd assembled Tuesday night at City Hall to talk frankly about the stresses and difficulties today's teenagers face and what can be done to prevent depression, substance abuse and suicide. But while attendance was low, the conversation generated among the teens and adults who turned out was honest and bore much insight about how to improve the spirits and well-being of area youth. The panel discussion, sponsored by the La Cañada Flintridge Youth Council and co-sponsored by the Public Safety Commission and the Community Prevention Council, follows the March 1 death of Campbell Taylor, a La Cañada High School senior who committed suicide on campus.
By Daniel Siegal, | October 10, 2012
For the first time in nearly two decades, Descanso Gardens is expanding - planning a four-acre collection of native oaks, shrubs and grasses. “It's almost what Descanso was before humans started cultivating plants here,” said Brian Sullivan, Descanso's director of horticulture. “What we're creating is the feeling of the landscape before people moved in.” The proposed woodland area has been closed to the public for decades and until recently was invaded by non-native eucalyptus trees.
May 30, 2012
I read in the May 24 Valley Sun (“Council looks to trim tree ordinance”) that our city officials are trying to be more friendly over residents trimming their trees. I wrote previously about my experience of being fined $200, plus an arborist fee, and now my official arborist report states I owe another $800 for damage to my own trees. My next-door neighbor was fined $1,600 for damage to her Chinese elm. Does this sound friendly? My official citation states that I am guilty of misdemeanors and could face criminal prosecution from the city attorney.
By Bill Kisliuk, | May 19, 2012
Buyers are hungry, sellers are scarce and conditions in the residential real estate market hardly resemble the spring of 2011. Home prices are stabilizing and in some cases rising, according to agents who specialize in Pasadena, La Cañada Flintridge and surrounding cities, with only one problem: Demand is far outstripping supply. In April, single-family homeowners listed 227 properties for sale in Pasadena, according to statistics from Keller Williams' Glendale agent Keith Sorem.
By Carol Cormaci | February 1, 2012
It was the squirrel that broke the restaurateur's back. And that of his next-door neighbor. There may soon be a citizens revolt. Taylor's Steak House proprietor Bruce Taylor reports that he lost business Jan. 25 when electrical power went out in La Cañada just as customers were settling in for lunch. Because we were struck by an outage at the same time here, I can attest that there was no warning, no blinking of lights. Just that unnerving silence that comes when darkness comes suddenly and TVs, radios and computers shut down.
By Daniel Siegal, | January 11, 2012
La Cañada Flintridge resident Tom Feldman says that he wants people to know why their New Year's resolutions keep falling flat. “The statistics are pretty miserable about people keeping their New Year's resolutions,” he says. “It's the same set of 10 or 20 resolutions, and there's no juice to them,” says Feldman. “Before you know it, you've forgotten them; or you give up.” Feldman has had a successful career in film and television, not an unusual story in this city.
By Charles Rich and Andrew Shortall, and | November 1, 2011
With two games left in the regular season, St. Francis High Coach Jim Bonds said now is the perfect time to treat the rest of the regular season like the postseason. The Golden Knights are on the outside of the playoff bubble, the result of two Mission League losses against powerhouses Gardena Serra and Chaminade, the top-ranked team in the CIF Southern Section Western Division poll. St. Francis will conclude its arduous three-game road trip with a league game against St. Paul at 7:30 p.m. Friday.
By Carolyn Neuhausen, Special to the Valley Sun | June 15, 2011
Customers from around the Foothills poured into the semi-annual ceramics sale at the Community Center of La Cañada Flintridge on Friday and Saturday to browse through ceramic trays, vases, bowls, mugs and plates that had been created by more than two-dozen artists. Some ceramists made unexpected items. Christine Rose made large sculptural pieces that took on the form of French tulip blossoms, while Remy Jaffe fashioned spherical and cone-shaped maracas out of clay. Some artists also made brooches, necklaces and candleholders, while others focused on fall home décor such as glazed jack-o-lanterns and witch’s heads.
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