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Emmy Awards

August 3, 2006
Jane Napier Neely Chit Chat from Here and There In this oppressive heat I can't move a toe much less several fingers in order to write a lengthy column. And besides that, everyone has gone into hibernation in his or her air-conditioned caves. Absolutely nada is happening in town — nobody is goin' anywhere and people are doin' nuttin'. The television weather people have certainly been hyped about heat records burning into the history books. I think that last Saturday was the worst heat I've experienced here — and I'm a So. Cal native.
April 30, 2009
Blaine Baggett, executive manager of the Office of Communication and Education for JPL, will present the annual Les Tupper Community Service Awards on Monday evening, May 11, in JPL?s von Karman Auditorium. All residents are invited to this annual event sponsored by the La Cañada Flintridge Coordinating Council. Baggett will also speak about ?Engaging the Public in Space Exploration.? NASA, JPL, and their space and Earth exploration programs are funded primarily by federal taxes, and the public is entitled to share in their science results.
By Jane Napier Neely | August 22, 2013
The music beat goes on. Kristin Korb, a bassist and vocalist, enchanted music lovers on Aug. 15 at Descanso Gardens' Music on the Main jazz series, which has been attracting guests on Thursday evenings this summer. Although she began her music career here in the U.S. and has taught music at USC and Azusa Pacific University, Korb now makes her home in Denmark. Guests brought their folding chairs, blankets to spread on the grass, food to nosh on and wine to sip as they listened to this delightful concert.
By Megan O’Neil | March 25, 2010
When acclaimed television producer Vince Gilligan handed writer and La Cañada resident George Mastras the script for a pilot called “Breaking Bad,” Mastras knew immediately he liked it. He was less sure, however, that it would ever make its way onto the silver screen. The pilot introduced the story of a 50-something high school chemistry teacher named Walter White who is struggling with the banalities of middle class American life. Diagnosed with terminal cancer and fearful of leaving his family unprovided for, he puts his chemistry skills to use and starts dealing crystal meth — not exactly the stuff of prime time network television.
By Sara Cardine | July 27, 2011
A couple of weeks ago while most employed America ns were returning emails and pushing papers, La Cañada resident Chip Dox was staging a car accident. He and his team were asked to create a full-scale collision, complete with steam and confusion, without causing as much as a single dent. This is par for the course for Dox, production designer for the popular daytime soap opera, “General Hospital.” For the past 12 years, he's been responsible for building and arranging sets, background scenes, homes and props for the show's motley cast of residents.
By Jane Napier Neely | February 8, 2011
We have sped right into the award-and-benefit season so our community is buzzing with activity. Our very fashionable ladies are coordinating their elegant party clothes, while their escorts are updating their tuxedos in order to attend the many upcoming events. Last Friday night the architecturally stunning Italian Romanesque Edward L. Doheny Jr. Memorial Library on the USC campus was aglow with soft lighting as guests in formal dress gathered in the building’s soaring rotunda for the 23rd annual Scripter Award dinner to recognize this year’s best film adaptation of a novel.
January 27, 2005
"Tonight Show" host Jay Leno recently chuckled over a newspaper headline about the Library that stated: "Practice reading skills with a real dog." Families who attend the Glendale Library's Barks & Books program know that the dog can't talk back, but he's a great listener! See the Central Library Children's Room section for program information. Special Programs Homework Help! Students in grades 4 - 12 can get special assistance from the Library's high school Homework Helpers.
By Jane Napier Neely | September 4, 2008
Boo-hoo, summer is over. The Labor Day weekend always signals the end of carefree days and getting back to school and business. Vacation photos have been lovingly pasted into albums and carefully put on the shelf for winter viewing. Of course you can’t tell by the weather that summer is over because we are still sweltering around here. But what has been a surprise to me is the humidity that has been seeping into all the summer’s end cracks. “I swan ,” as my Virginia grandmother would say, “it’s so humid that the butterflies are gettin’ their wings all wet.” And if you had any doubt at all about summer’s end all you had to do was turn on your television this past weekend to see all the college football teams in action.
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