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By Anita Brenner | August 17, 2011
Our house has always been awash in books. A couple of years ago, we donated more than 2,500 books to the La Cañada Flintridge branch of the county library system. I had mixed feelings about the donation - most of the books had belonged to our late son, Andrew, who loved his books. I think he'd be happy that his books are back in circulation. I don't know whether La Cañada library sold the books, or put them on the shelves, but somewhere, someone is reading Andrew's books, which is very cool because books want to be held.
By Ruth Longoria | April 23, 2009
It was another successful fundraiser for the La Cañada Public Library last weekend as the library?s semi-annual book sale came off bigger and better than ever, according to Rosemary Hook, president of the Friends of La Cañada Flintridge Public Library. This year, the event was a four-day sale, instead of the traditional three days, with an added members-only sale on Wednesday. ?The sale went very well. We met our goal and raised a lot of money for the library,? Hook said.
By olivia smith Valley Sun | June 19, 2008
Students crowded La Cañada Elementary School?s Scholastic Book Fair as it ended June 13. Stands on cooking, sports, science and nature crowded the library along with school supplies and educational activities like painting and arts and crafts. The students, who had run over to the fair on their recess and lunch breaks, were huddled around books and lining up to buy as many as they could afford. ?The students enjoy it. They look forward to being able to buy their teachers books.
April 28, 2005
Valley View by Fereva I cannot imagine a world without books. Happily, I am far from alone. Last weekend during its tenth anniversary, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books drew thousands upon thousands to the UCLA campus. Think of it as a Disneyland for readers: Entertainment, food and merchandise; yes, yes and yes. But above all, a wonderland for people who read books and for those who write them. Other than parking, entrance to the festival was free. Both days were booked solid with author panel discussions or one-on-one interviews, all open to the public and held in various auditoriums across campus.
January 11, 2007
After putting in more than 40 hours of hard work, four members of Girl Scout Troop 739 completed their Silver Award. The group's Silver Award project was to donate books along with a homemade recording by Troop 739's girls to the Union Station Family Center in Pasadena. On Jan. 4, Troop 739 delivered 15 sets of donated books and their recordings, including titles like "Green Eggs and Ham," "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," "Good Driving," "Amelia Bedelia" and "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom," plus many other various titles for young children and older children.
September 28, 2006
Ten thousand hard and soft back books, both fiction and nonfiction, will be available to purchase Saturday, Oct. 7, from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. at the La Cañada Flintridge Branch of the County of Los Angeles Public Library, 4545 Oakwood Ave., La Cañada. Biography, history, science, philosophy, religion, art, foreign language, technical and computer books, and cookbooks will be in the nonfiction section. Mysteries, romances and classical literature, along with children's books will be available in the fiction section.
By Anita Susan Brenner | April 2, 2009
We live in the digital age. Some of you read these words online at . Or you might have your TV tuned to CNN. Or your radio tuned to XM satellite. Or your cellphone is about to ring. Meanwhile, Twitter, Facebook, Earthlink or Gmail collect your messages. You’ll read them later, when you are ready. I am a child of the digital age. That’s why, on a recent Sunday night, Len and I caught a cool new show on NBC. The show is called “Kings.
By Mary O'Keefe | August 31, 2006
La Canada High School students stood in line this week, catching up with old friends and making certain they have all their 2006/2007 paper work in hand. Seniors and juniors began picking up their schedules and books on August 24. The line moved quickly as students went from table to table turning in their emergency contact information, getting their id and Associated Student Body cards and getting their year book picture taken. Meanwhile, Ann Neilson, LCHS textbook coordinator, was busy working with parent volunteers to match text books to students.
By Chris Sutton | July 1, 2004
More than sixty young readers stampeded into the La Cañada Flintridge Library last Wednesday, to sign up for the Ride a Wild Tale summer reading program for elementary school age children. Keeping with the western theme, Monique Monros, presented her Wild West Cow-Girl Magic show, performing over 30 magic tricks. She produced jewelry, pulled gold coins out of the air and children's ears, and performed card tricks. What would a magic show be without making animals appear?
By Chris Sutton | May 19, 2005
Carrying pillows, blankets and their favorite book, more than 125 Paradise Canyon Elementary School students and parents showed up last Thursday night to hear David Steinberg (wearing his favorite red tennis shoes) read from his books Grasshopper Pie, Monster Mall and Club Pet. It was hard to tell who was laughing the loudest, the parents or students, as Steinberg had the audience participate in the first reading, yelling out "nail" and "ouch" on cue. He writes in a poetic form and the children loved his rhyming.
By Sara Cardine, | April 25, 2014
When a small group of La Cañada Congregational Church members first got the notion to make a list of donations and memorials made by congregants over the years, it seemed like an interesting side project. What the small committee didn't know then was that the church historian books and records kept throughout the past century would take them on a journey, not only into LCCC's own rich beginnings, but through the development of the community and its founding families. After two years of research, longtime church historian Sally Emerson - along with church members Joyce Holmes, Jo Anne Kennick and Carol Kulluk - compiled the "La Cañada Congregational Church History & Memorial Book.
By Michael Bruer | April 2, 2014
As spring descends upon La Cañada, so too does spring cleaning - giving the Mothers' Guild of St. Francis High School the perfect time to hold their annual yard sale last weekend. The two-day event was held in the school's gym. There was a wide variety of items available for purchase, everything from men's and women's clothing, jewelry, and accessories, to furniture, books, movies, and educational materials. About 100 area residents donated items for sale - including a Wurlitzer organ complete with a bench full of sheet music that drew the attention of bargain hunters.
By Joe Puglia | March 5, 2014
What a beautiful rainy morning! Kaitzer was running around multitasking as usual, preparing lunches, collecting signatures, doling out money, making breakfast and advising on homework. I was trying to find my car keys. “Joe! It's Read Across America Day,” Kaitzer said. “What's that?” I asked. I must have missed the memo. She explained that the day commemorates Dr. Seuss' birthday, March 2, and celebrates the joy of reading. “Read Across America is the largest celebration of literacy in America,” she said.
By Sara Cardine | October 17, 2013
Kathee Kenna was in her mid-30s and beginning to make a home of her own in La Cañada the first time she read the best-selling 1978 novel, “A Woman of Independent Means,” by Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey. Kenna was taken by the book which chronicled, through letters, the arc of Bess Steed Garner's wealthy lifestyle in Texas in the early 20th century through the 1960s. Reading it now, decades later, the tale took on a new tone. “The second time I read it, I saw her as shallow and self-centered and petty,” she admitted.
By Carol Cormaci, | June 26, 2013
Elizabeth Forsythe Hailey's first novel, “A Woman of Independent Means,” which became a bestseller when it was published in 1978 and has subsequently been turned into a stage play as well as a TV mini-series, has been selected as this year's community read by the La Cañada Flintridge One City One Book Committee. Local residents are encouraged to read the book over the coming months, then take part in a related public event that will take place in the fall. The novel's central character, Bess Steed Garner, through letters she has penned, takes the reader through her life in the early half of the 20th century.
June 6, 2013
La Cañada Elementary's Library Gift Club recently held its annual party in celebration of those who have donated new or used books. Students and donors ate doughnuts and surveyed the new collection. -- Tiffany Kelly, Follow on Google+ and on Twitter: @LATiffanyKelly .
By Michael Bruer, Special to the Sun | November 5, 2012
The inspiration to write can be found anywhere, even on a freeway overpass. That was one of the observations author Ron Carlson made Sunday in La Cañada Flintridge as the city celebrated Carlson's 2009 novel “The Signal” as its One City One Book selection for 2012. Carlson, the author of three novels and two collections of short stories, took a break from his work as codirector of the master's writing program at UC Irvine to read from “The Signal” and answer questions before about 70 people at the La Cañada Unified School District meeting room.
By Daniel Siegal, | November 1, 2012
Men, stop what you are doing and pick up a good book. That is one goal of La Cañada Flintridge's One City One Book program, which this year selected Ron Carlson's acclaimed novel of the outdoors, “The Signal,” as the work to read, contemplate and celebrate in November 2012. Carlson will discuss the book in La Cañada on Sunday. Carlson's 2009 novel, which received enthusiastic reviews, follows troubled rancher Mack and his soon-to-be ex-wife Vonnie as they take one last trip into the wilderness in western Wyoming's Wind River Range.
By Daniel Siegal, | September 9, 2012
La Cañada Flintridge resident Andrew Torres was a member of the U.S. Naval Academy's Class of 2002, which was preparing for a military career when the 9/11 terror strikes occurred. Many of his classmates went on to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan. But Torres ended up fighting his battle at home. During that school year, Torres was diagnosed with a rare form of liver cancer. He died in April 2004 at age 23. Torres' courageous effort to complete his studies and carry on is now chronicled in a book capturing the wide range of experiences of the Naval Academy Class of 2002, “In the Shadow of Greatness: Voices of Leadership, Sacrifice and Service from America's Longest War.” The chapter was written by his mother, Valley Sun columnist Anita Brenner, with the help of his sister, Rachel Torres.
By Anita S. Brenner | July 31, 2012
When the young editors of  “In the Shadow of Greatness” (Naval Institute Press 2012) asked me to help with their October California book tour, I was happy to help.  I am one of 33 contributors to the book,  a collection of first-hand accounts by and about Naval Academy Class of 2002, the first class to graduate after Sept. 11th.  Tom Brokaw likes the book. He wrote,  “All Americans should read this book.”  “Wow!” I thought. “All Americans? Isn't this a military book?
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