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Bob Miller

November 16, 2011
La Cañada Unified students who take summer school courses at outside campuses like Hillside School won't have to worry about the district not accepting their credits toward graduation - for now. At a lengthy meeting Tuesday night, school board members decided to leave the process for accepting credits from outside summer school courses unchanged, yet they may decide to return to the issue in the future. Around 60 parents and residents showed up to hammer the board on controversial teachers and summer school courses in La Cañada Unified, while expressing the importance of Hillside and other schools as a resource to students.
By Chris Sutton | June 3, 2004
Six-year resident Christine Kim wanted to assist other Korean families in crossing the culture lines in the education process of their children in the La Cañada School Unified District. Three years ago, she formed an informal information group, who call themselves Korean American Parents. The organization's goal is to work together to benefit the students and the schools. "A child's education is the number one priority in Korean families and culture. Parents will do anything to make sure their child has the best education possible.
September 24, 2009
Letters to the Editor What will be our generation’s legacy? On Aug. 12 of this year my son and his wife presented me with my first grandson, Thomas Robert Luke Miller. A big name for a little guy with an even bigger future. I was the first person, after his parents, to hold my little namesake. Not being a poet I am at a loss for the appropriate words to describe this awesome experience. You grandparents out there know what I am talking about. Tommy (his name if he becomes a Heisman Trophy winner or Thomas Robert if he becomes President)
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