Scott Tracy looks back on his LCUSD tenure

Longtime board member reflects on his family's past as well as his 12 years of service.

December 04, 2013|By Sara Cardine
  • Outgoing La Cañada Unified School District President Scott Tracy at his La Cañada Flintridge home on Friday, Nov. 29, 2013.
Outgoing La Cañada Unified School District President… (Tim Berger/Staff…)

On a rainy morning, La Cañada Unified Board President Scott Tracy opens the front door of his Woodleigh Lane house, unique from neighboring homes in that it is below road level and perched atop a stream that cuts a natural course through the backyard and into the surrounding wood.

Inside, Tracy takes a seat in a front room. He has been asked to reflect upon his 12 years of service on the school board, which ends next week. On Tuesday night he and fellow board members Joel Peterson and Susan Boyd will transfer their seats to the newly elected David Sagal, Kaitzer Puglia and Dan Jefferies.

During small talk, Tracy confesses to being a bit of a history buff who, in the past 10 years, has traced the roots of his family back to the nation’s first settlers at Jamestown and Plymouth.

He’s discovered colonial governors, clergy members and military men who served in local skirmishes as well as the American Revolution. On his mother’s side, Irish immigrants rose through the church, two becoming presidents of colleges. His father’s father served on the Compton school board, and another relative was a Montana state assemblyman.


Public service and commitment to community seem to run in the family — it’s a tradition Tracy has honored in the past 30 years of living in La Cañada.

The board president says he’s been happy to give back to the community that has so richly rewarded him and wife Mary, along with daughters, Britta, 33 and Lindsay, 32, who both have families of their own.

And there’s no question, one gleans from talking to those who’ve known and worked with Tracy over the years, that in his tenure he has made a significant impact on La Cañada Unified.

From his involvement in helping pass a 2009 parcel tax that brought badly needed funds to the district, to his aid in recent negotiations with Glendale Unified School District to transfer homes inside La Cañada city limits to LCUSD, Tracy has worked to keep the school experience as rich as it was for his own daughters.

The Tracys moved to La Cañada from Glendale in 1983 for the schools, and they were not disappointed. The girls flourished academically while staying active in athletics, clubs and participating in foreign-exchange programs.

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