Group gets a private Rose Bowl tour

November 20, 2013
  • Twenty members of the La Cañada Thursday Club recently went on a Contemporary Interest Outing at the Rose Bowl. Left to right: Pat Crowe, Eileen St. Amand, Patti Wickersham, Michele Brown, Sue Lewis, Beverly Holt, Joanne Gilson, Mary Irwin, Mary Hennessy, Orchid Donnelly, Peggy Barber, Dorothy Ertel, Pat Huber, Alma Tycer, Roberta Raffaelli, Rose Manning, Jane Owen, Sylvia and Ruby.
Twenty members of the La Cañada Thursday Club… (Courtesy of The…)

Members of the La Cañada Thursday Club’s Contemporary Interest group were recently treated to a private tour of the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

Kayla Kilpatrick, tour sales and operations coordinator for the Rose Bowl, led the tour and discussed the design and history of the stadium.

The club members learned about the stadium’s pristine grass, gazed out from the Pavilion, and explored a 1920s locker room.

-- Tiffany Kelly,

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