The Valley Line: Fall is the time for fundraisers

November 13, 2013|By Jane Napier Neely
  • Ladies dressed up for 'Rockin' Out' are Jenny Painter, from left, Vicki Schwartz, Renee LaBran and Elysa Del Guercio.
Ladies dressed up for 'Rockin' Out'… (Photo by Jane Napier…)

On Monday morning, Veterans Day, I was so focused on my computer screen that it seemed that the rest of the world had disappeared. Like a pesky fly, a low but persistent sound penetrated my consciousness.

I was taken out of time and place because it was the sound of vintage fixed-winged airplanes emerging from a distance and the sound grew to a deep rumble and rattled the loose pane of glass in my office window as they flew right over my house.

A thousand thoughts raced through my mind. I wondered if this is what it sounded like when United States bombers flew over the cities and farmlands of Europe during World War II?

I have no idea where these planes came from or what kind of aircraft they were. My guess would be that it was the Condor Squadron based at Van Nuys airport. On Memorial Day they fly over our Fiesta Days parade route.


Anyway, there were seven of them, painted red and white and they were flying in perfect formation.

This single event on Monday made me reflect on all the wars that have been fought and the millions of Americans that have fought for the freedom of our country. Yes, Monday was their designated day of remembrance, but it is every day that they should be honored.


The autumn benefit season has been absolutely crazy this year and I’ve been running nonstop. It’s been fun so far, if exhausting.

So what does the La Cañada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce do for a spur of the moment fundraiser? Linda Taix-Paccone had the answer — “Let’s do our very own movie premiere at Regal Cinema right here in town.”

And so they did, and it was fantastically successful for a first time around. The film preview was last Thursday night and the movie that community members had a first peek at was “Thor: The Dark World” which didn’t open to the public until the next day.

The premiere moviegoers enjoyed a great cinema package that included hot-off-the-grill hamburgers, chicken burgers and fries from North Shore Burgers with beverages to enhance their food choices. Framed photos of themselves on the red carpet in front of the step-and-repeat backdrop with all the sponsor names, courtesy of Printefex, La Cañada, and a big poster of the movie as a memento.

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