The Valley Line: 'Moonlight and Moonshine' raises funds for hospital

October 24, 2013|By Jane Napier Neely
  • Left to right: Cathi Beauclair, Mike Blaha, Elizabeth Fitzpatrick and Juliet Cullen try out their line dancing skills at the "Moonlight and Moonshine" party.
Left to right: Cathi Beauclair, Mike Blaha, Elizabeth… (Photo by Jane Napier…)

This past weekend I escaped from our peaceful community to a different adventure. I packed up my fuzzy white dog, Lola, and we went to Santa Barbara to visit my sister, Elaine, and her husband, Larry.

Ah, it was sublime. The days were fair and sunny and you could see the Channel Islands clearly etched at the horizon's edge. It couldn't have been more beautiful.

Twice we walked the breakwater path that protects the harbor. Lola, a very sociable dog, was in her glory as she met dozens of people who had their canine companions on leash. She said hello to every person and pooch she encountered.

After our harbor walks, we cruised State Street, where the shops and restaurants are. As usual, there was much going on, as tourists ambled along this expensive stretch of real estate.

The most unique and fun addition to this popular street these past two weekends was the placement of 11 upright pianos that had been creatively painted by Santa Barbara artists. It was fabulous to see musically inspired sightseers just sit down and play whatever they felt like. From blues to Beethoven, the piano riffs rang out.


"Pianos on State," as it is called, is an interactive musical experience coinciding with the 2013 New Noise Festival. This is the fourth such event made possible by the collaborative efforts of the Santa Barbara Bowl, Notes for Notes, Santa Barbara Education Foundation, Santa Barbara Arts Collaborative, Santa Barbara County Arts Commission, Laura Inks and New Noise.

It was great fun to hear the music and see who was inspired to produce some impromptu tunes. Yes indeed, it was a feast for the eyes and ears. "Pianos on State" will be coming back next year. This event is worth a special trip.


The Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital Los Angeles held its second annual fundraising party, "Moonlight and Moonshine," and it was a huge success.

The Thursday Club building was festively decorated with hay bales, pumpkins and chrysanthemums of all colors. Red-and-white-checkered cloths covered the tables.

Guests got into the mood of the evening by wearing Western-themed clothes so I saw plenty of beautiful cowboy and cowgirl boots, gorgeous turquoise jewelry, bright scarfs and impressive hats.

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