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Palm Crest students get down to earth

Palm Crest Elementary students, parents construct garden for Earth Day.

April 24, 2013|By Sara Cardine

Having the students help build the garden was more than an Earth Day school beautification project, said Palm Crest Principal Karen Hurley. It was another way to get kids even more interested in learning.

"This is an opportunity to learn about healthy eating, about healthy choices and about hard work, having that work ethic — that's the big thing," she said.

Hurley grew up in Canada, where her father insisted on growing and raising the family's food, and appreciated the lessons she learned. Now she'd like to give her students a chance to experience some of those lessons for themselves.


"I think about it like, what would I want for my own children?" Hurley said.

A lot of work remains before the plants are installed. Right now, the PTA is working with teachers to see how the garden's plants could best be used to accompany class lessons, and wants to make sure maintenance plans are in place for summer months. Still, she was optimistic something might be planted this school year.

As for Owen Grey, the 10-year-old wasn't too specific about what he'd want to see planted in the garden, saying he wouldn't mind flowers or something.

"How about vegetables?" his mom encouraged.

He shrugged for a second before conceding, "Carrots."


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