The Valley Line: Hospital guild gets its kicks at fundraiser

November 02, 2012|By Jane Napier Neely
  • Bruce and Judy Kelly, from left, chat with Linda Fults at the "Moonlight and Moonshine" fund-raising party held by the Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital.
Bruce and Judy Kelly, from left, chat with Linda Fults… (Photo by Jane Napier…)

There is not one tiny piece of candy left, not even a candy wrapper, after literally hundreds of trick-or-treaters cleaned out my sweet stash on Wednesday night. The little ghosts and goblins wandered down to my street directly from the ever-popular Montrose “Spooktacular” event.

Whew! That is over with. We are now racing pell-mell to Thanksgiving and Christmas with scarcely a breath in between. Before I get catapulted into holiday reporting there are a couple of events to catch up with that happened here in town.

The Flintridge Guild of Children's Hospital held a roof-raising fundraising evening called “Moonlight and Moonshine.”

Nearly 100 guests, dressed in their best cowboy and cowgirl duds, sashayed over to the Thursday Club for the festivities expertly cochaired by Charlotte Saydah and Debbie Enterente Zielinski.

There was a silent auction table with many tempting items to bid on. Two of the most highly contested items were weeklong stays at a ranch house in Montana and a beachfront condo in San Clemente. There were also fancy baskets filled with goodies created by guild members.


Everyone had a fun time trying out the new line dances — it just couldn't be helped when one half of the line went in one direction while the other half danced in the opposite. Anyway, it provided a lot of laughs.

The barbecue supper at the hitching post was mighty fine and prepared by the Newport Rib Company.

All of the proceeds from the evening were earmarked for the imaging research department of Children's Hospital, Los Angeles.

Just some of the folks having fun at the party were Marsha and Roger Baumgarten, Bill and Robin Burk, Sherri and Charlie Christensen, Peggy and John Cresto, Bertie and David Cullen, Juliet and Frank Cullen, Chris and Rich Goetz, Melanie and Jim Liu, Yvonne and Ted Slaught, Suzanne and Ru Jensen, Nancy Wyman, Ella Selders, Mary and John Mazur, Pati and Derek Patao, Mary Ann and Joe De Briyn, Deanne and Mike Durfee, and Hilary and Lee Gregg.

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