The Valley Line: Endeavour and endeavors to remember

September 29, 2012|By Jane Napier Neely
  • Los Altos Auxiliary members Laurie Rodli, from left, Julie McCarty, Susan Peterman, Sue Slater, Kathy MacDonald, Betty Stanfill, Gayle Galper, Wendy Wyatt, attend Hathaway-Sycamores award benefit.
Los Altos Auxiliary members Laurie Rodli, from left,… (Photo by Jane Napier…)

The big topic of conversation in La Cañada last weekend at the many events I attended centered on the Space Shuttle Endeavour as it made its majestic glide over the area on Friday, Sept. 21.

There was no way on earth that I could let the historic event of its last flight over our valley go by without being there to salute her. After all, we were saying goodbye to an era.

I decided that my best vantage point would be at the La Cañada Flintridge Country Club parking lot. By the time I arrived at the club, there was a sizable crowd of shuttle watchers jockeying for parking places. I was lucky enough to score the last one.

There was such a sense of camaraderie as the crowd chatted while not losing sight of the horizon. We first sighted the Endeavour flying by the downtown Los Angeles skyline buildings and a loud cheer went up. We watched as the 747 plane carrying the shuttle piggyback disappeared behind the hills near the Griffith Park Observatory. Within minutes it reappeared and made a beeline for JPL.


The plane carrying Endeavour, with its guard of dual fighter planes, made an impressive banking turn toward the country club. The crowd (including me) went wild with clapping, whistling and by honking car horns — it was like New Year's Eve!

I must admit that seeing this magnificent shuttle and the plane carrying it gave me goose bumps. A few tears even slipped down my cheeks.

Now I must catch up with a little bit of vacation news of some of our community members.

Eva and Jan Macho, along with their daughter, Michelle, her husband, Tim Sabourin, and their kids, Carli and Justin, recently took a Mediterranean cruise that stopped in many exciting ports of call along the French and Italian rivieras, Barcelona and Rome.

After the cruise, Michelle then flew to London to introduce her kids to this magnificent city.

Tim's mom, Jeanne Sabourin Walston, who has travel lust almost as much as I do, met up with them in London. While in the city they explored all the important sites and saw many of the Olympic venues. Big on the kids' list of exciting things to see was the newly opened Harry Potter museum in downtown London.

It was a grand vacation, and Carli and Justin had plenty of stories to share with their friends at school.

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