Our Readers Write: School board election

November 03, 2011

One candidate a positive force

After attending the presentation of school board candidates at La Cañada High School, we decided to have a coffee in our home for Ernest Koeppen, and were more convinced than ever that he would be an excellent school board member. He is a a businessman, a concerned parent, devoted to encouraging our students and giving them opportunities in technical engineering and industrial arts. He is not political— he is open and willing to listen — we need better communication and openness from the board to the community and better accountability. After meeting and talking to him personally, we are totally convinced that he would be a positive force on the La Cañada school board. Vote for Ernest Koeppen.

James Heywood

La Cañada Flintridge#

Quit the local politics, do what’s right

When I ran for the LCUSD Board two years ago, it was because, as someone who practices law in the education area, I thought the current board was too complacent and did not address the needs of the students.  Nothing has happened over the last two years to make me change my mind. 


The current board needs a new mindset and new directions and I firmly believe that AJ Blumenfeld is the best candidate to accomplish what needs to be done.  AJ is young, energetic, smart and dedicated.  He has focused in on the shortcomings of the current board and the consequences of its inactions and is prepared to do the work needed to move forward in a positive and constructive way.

The current board has never shown any indication that it is prepared to be proactive in finding funding for the District or in promoting best practices in the classroom.  It takes credit for things like high test scores which it has no control over and shifts the blame for failures it does have control over, such as fundraising and teacher evaluations. 

It is time to quit the local politics involved and do what is right for the students and the District as a whole.  AJ gets my support.

Neal S. Millard

La Cañada Flintridge

Candidate has extensive experience

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