Lowering taxes would lift all boats

June 08, 2011

The economy continues to flounder with sky-high fuel and food prices. The consumer price index does not include the two most mandatory costs to each family.

Americans have less money left over to spend. After mortgage or rent, utilities, taxes (state and federal), insurance, food and transportation, what is left? Credit card usage is climbing again. Just ask any retail business owners what percentage of their sales are cash versus credit card use. The only solution to this drag on our economy is for private business to grow by lowering corporate taxes and individual capital gains taxes.

In 1961 President Kennedy said a “rising tide lifts all boats.” He was the first of four presidents to lower the taxes on capital gains. Each time this rate was reduced, revenues to state and federal governments increased.


With an aging population, billions of dollars owned by people over 60 could be freed up to spur consumption. When capital flows, economic activity would increase. Sales taxes to the states would increase, demand for manufactured goods may increase. Everything is on sale today. Look at the ads in our newspapers. People will spend but carefully.

California has some of the highest taxes in the nation. Look at Texas; its economy is growing due to lower tax rates and government regulation. I suggest the citizens of La Cañada Flintridge get involved. Call your representatives. They listen!

Richard A. Batista

La Cañada Flintridge

’Open carry’ is a public safety hazard

Banning the open display of firearms (“open carry”) as our Assemblyman Anthony Portantino has introduced legislation to do, is an excellent idea.

No matter how law-abiding those citizens are who want to appear in public armed, they appear to many other community members as a dangerous and unpredictable hazard to public safety.

Open carry harks to the “Wild West” days of street duels and vigilante justice. Those who love their guns because they make them feel safer can have them — at home — with the rest of their arsenals.

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