Shame on Caltrans for ignoring La Cañada

April 13, 2011

Re: Carol Cormaci’s April 7 Piece of Mind column, “Do not yield in 710 fight”: With the state of California almost bankrupt, I find it hard to believe Caltrans is still attempting to spend billions on the 710 extension.

How much is the “series of public meetings” costing? These are our tax dollars. Does Caltrans actually think that the communities impacted the most will change their minds because of panels of suits and glossy charts?

Our current overburdened freeway system will collapse under the expected increase in truck traffic through our communities.

California attempts to lead the nation in environmental concerns, yet the state is caving in to the demands of special interest groups, i.e. many unions and towns not close to the route, while ignoring the quality of life in the cities surrounding the 710 and the 210 freeways. It is always the same old story – follow the money. Shame!


Kathy Bergen

La Cañada

Caltrans should consider rail system instead of 710 extension

Before Metro & Caltrans spend more millions on yet another environmental impact report for the 710 extension, might I suggest they invest some time (rather than more millions) on a Common Sense Report? They shouldn't require high-priced consultants to consider some basic issues:

1) Does a 4.5-mile tunnel through an earthquake zone make even basic sense? Even Caltech experts say we are way past due for a large earthquake. I am certain the engineers believe that proper construction can avert a “cave-in,” but how about during the years of construction?

2) Just imagine an overturned truck blocking a 4.5-mile tunnel with thousands of cars and trucks stuck inside for hours. Will the EIR even consider the particulate buildup to which people who are trapped inside the tunnel will be exposed? Just imagine the chaos such an accident could create at either end of the “tunnel!” La Cañada, Pasadena, Alhambra and beyond could all be landlocked for hours.

3) The entities proposing the “tunnel” are the same who designed the ludicrous transition of the 210 at the 134. How do MTA & Caltrans propose to manage the transition of even more cars and trucks to and from the 210/134 to a newextension?

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