Why should we subsidize corporate profit making?

April 05, 2011

Re: “Hearing looks at tax industry credits”, Valley Sun March 24 and at The conservative economic system that has been established has given corporations a kind of stranglehold over local and state governments as they play [filming] locations off one another to get the biggest bribe in exchange for the jobs. A movie production is mobile and temporary, not a good investment/bet for any government that thinks it can hand out bribes for eternity.

The previous model for filmmaking was better for the industry as a whole and for those who wished to work in it. When there are just one or two primary locations where most of the production occurs, it requires that aspiring professionals make the commitment to move there.

Now it doesn't take that kind of initial decision, so someone who just happens to be entering the workforce at a time when the roulette wheel of incentives lands on his state thinks he can just stay put and build a life where he already lives. But eventually, the incentives will go away, production will dry up and that professional will sit there wondering what happened, complaining that the government should continue to hand out bribes so he can keep working.


Right now the bouncy ball of incentives roams around randomly, and the only one's “winning” in the incentive game are the corporations who get the bribes. The governments paying out the bribes eventually lose, and in the long run, the labor force loses too.

Brian Dzayk


Not too late to enter ‘Friendly Garden Contest’

It's wonderful to hear about more people devoting their yard space to California native and other drought-tolerant plantings [“La Cañada’s greener green thumbs,” Valley Sun, March 31]. Lisa Novick's yard sounds lovely, and I am eager to view it during the Theodore Payne Native Plant Garden Tour (April 10).

On a similar note, the Foothill Municipal Water District is sponsoring a California Friendly Garden Contest this month. It is open to anyone served by the Foothill Municipal Water District and who has converted a majority of his or her front or side yard to low water/drought tolerant plantings. Landscaping can be newly planted or well established and can be designed by either the homeowner or a professional company.

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