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Counting the dollar endorsements

A well-oiled local election campaign doesn't come cheap.

March 02, 2011|By Joe Piasecki,

City Council members not in the running for re-election this year have also put their resources behind Davitt, Olhasso and Voss. Councilman Steven Del Guercio gave Voss $1,365 in food for a fundraiser and $250 each to Olhasso and Davitt. Councilman Greg Brown, who will retire from the council in March, gave $400 worth of leftover lawn sign frames to Voss and $100 each to Davitt and Olhasso. Councilman Dave Spence gave $100 each to Voss, Olhasso and Davitt.

Davitt and Voss have traded $100 donations, and Olhasso gave $500 to her own campaign.

State Sen. Carol Liu, also a former mayor of La Cañada, is apparently hedging her bets. She gave to all four candidates actively raising funds — $250 each to Voss and Olhasso and $200 each to Davitt and Kamar — though only three can win.

Members of the Planning Commission also divided their support. Commissioner Michael Cahill gave $250 each to Davitt and Kamar, while Commissioner Jonathan Curtis gave $100 each to Davitt, Olhasso and Voss.


Design Commission member Jon Moldafsky gave $500 to Olhasso, and Commissioner Gordon Hoopes gave $100 to Voss.

Public Works and Traffic Commission member Chuck Gelhaar, Davitt’s treasurer, gave Davitt $800 and $200 each to Voss and Olhasso.

Former Planning Commissioner Fred Engler gave $100 to Davitt.

Sunder Ramani, who recently ran for a state Assembly seat in Glendale, gave $250 to Davitt, $150 to Voss and $100 to Olhasso.

LCUSD Governing Board member Jeanne Broberg gave $100 each to Davitt, Olhasso and Voss.

Former City Manager Gaby Pryor chipped in $150 for Olhasso.

Businesses spread the wealth

Local business owners and real estate developers have also played a role shaping campaign war chests.

Davitt, who manages real estate for the Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles, has received support from developers Ted Slaught, Gary Zentmyer and Ted Snyder — $500, $200 and $100, respectively.

Zentmyer also gave $200 to Olhasso.

Bruce Taylor, owner of Taylor’s Steakhouse, gave $500 to Davitt and $250 to Kamar.

Linda Taix of TAIX Workout Studio gave $300 to Olhasso and $200 to Kamar.

Former LCF Chamber Board chairmen Joe Thompson and Barbara Marshall also showed up on contributor lists. Thompson gave $350 to Olhasso and $100 to Voss, and Marshall gave $150 to Voss.

Others give big

In addition to business and political donors, candidates appear to have found the bulk of their support from interpersonal relationships with La Cañada Flintridge residents.

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