Chinese New Year fete joins friends, traditions

March 01, 2011|By Jane Napier Neely
  • (Left to right) Eveline Siracuse, Fr. Severo Kupo and Monica Sierra welcome guests to a recent party celebrating the Chinese New Year. Eveline and Monica co-chaired the party with Nora Koonce.
(Left to right) Eveline Siracuse, Fr. Severo Kupo and… (Jane Napier Neely )

After all the hype from the weather people about how much snow was expected in sunny Southern California over the weekend, I was disappointed that there was only a tease of the swirling white flakes. In fact, where I live it was more like slush — those rain drops were trying, though.

The next morning, once again, the mountains that rim our valley were generously dusted with snow, which is always so beautiful.

The “Super Bowl” of the film industry — The Academy Awards — was unfurled on Sunday. Film buff that I am, I eagerly await this night of the “Oscars.” The red carpet walk was, as usual, a great beginning for the event itself and, for some, the only interesting part of the evening. The gowns the actresses were wearing were all stunning. Nothing quirky, like that swan dress of long ago, navigated the sea of tulle, feathers and sparkles.


I must certainly be one of the industry’s favorite customers, because I managed to see all the nominated films this year. I actually saw “The King’s Speech” three times.

This period film, whichshows England’s King George VI’s struggle with a stammer/speech impediment, was certainly well deserving of its Oscar for “Best Picture.” Colin Firth also won for “Best Actor,” while Tom Hutton was named as “Best Director” and David Seidler took home the award for “Best Original Screenplay.”

My favorite moments of the evening came when 73-year-old Seidler said in his acceptance speech, “My father always said I’d be a late bloomer,” and when wild-haired NYU student Luke Matheny bounded up on the stage like an unleashed puppy to accept the Oscar for his live action short film, “God of Love.” The first words out of his mouth were “Should’ve gotten a haircut.”

Now I’m eager to see what this new year of film will bring.


Four years ago Eveline Siracuse, who is of Indonesian and Dutch ancestry, and her cousin, Nora Koonce, began inviting their friends to join them in celebrating the Chinese New Year . Eveline asked her good friend, Monica Sierra, to join them in the party planning, and since then the trio has created a tradition of ringing in the New Year with creative ideas and hospitality at the New Moon Chinese Restaurant in Montrose.This year’s event went off without a hitch.

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