Donald Voss

Donald Voss is running for reelection on the progress of the past eight years.

February 11, 2011|By Joe Piasecki,

While state and federal politicians on both sides of the aisle have worked to sell voters on their notions of change, Mayor Donald Voss is more than comfortable campaigning on the achievements of city government in maintaining La Cañada Flintridge’s enviable quality of life.

When it comes to the city’s achievements over his last eight years on City Council, Voss was hard-pressed to narrow them down.

“Our city has made great progress on virtually every front,” said Voss, who after 25 years as a commercial banker, took on the job of city treasurer, then councilman, and has since dedicated the bulk of his time to public service.

In addition to time spent at City Hall, Voss has maintained involvement in several regional organizations, including the League of California Cities, and remains active in local groups such as the Kiwanis Club of La Cañada (noon) and LCF Chamber of Commerce.

Voss, 60, has tapped a wide base of support to raise more than $7,000 toward his reelection, according to state campaign finance reports, but he’s also played the role of family man. Married to Lynn De Groot Voss years after the passing of his first wife, the father of two adult sons proudly displays photos of his recently born grandson as comfortably as he delves into the details of city affairs.


Valley Sun: Briefly explain why you want to be on the council and your top priority if elected.

Donald Voss: I feel I’m able to contribute to the city and its residents to support education, practice fiscal responsibility, increase public safety, maintain and enhance our quality of life, support our business community and foster open and responsive city government.

What would you describe as the city’s most important accomplishment over the past several years?

I would say the initial achievements of the Downtown Village Specific Plan, the improvement of the look and business- and pedestrian-friendliness of the Foothill corridor. I’d say the partial sewerization of the city, fulfillment of the trail system and two major parks, the great collaborative effort during the Station fire and ensuing floods, our joint-use agreements with the school district.

What would you identify as a missed opportunity?

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