Questioning the endorsements

February 08, 2011

The Valley Sun on Feb. 3 reported that the La Cañada Flintridge Republican “committee” endorsed three City Council candidates (“Republicans endorse three for council” by Joe Piasecki).

Al Restivo and his La Cañada Flintridge Republican Club, which is the chartered name of the group, has no authority to speak for the Republican Party regarding endorsements in nonpartisan elections where more Republicans are running than there are seats available. Five of the seven candidates for three seats are Republicans. One of the candidates Restivo’s club endorsed isn’t even a Republican, which a Republican Club is explicitly forbidden to do.

Restivo’s immediate superiors are the elected members of the 44th Assembly District Republican Committee, for which Peggy Mew is the current chairwoman. This committee, in turn, is under the jurisdiction of the Los Angeles County Republican Central Committee, currently led by Jane Barnett. Only Jane Barnett’s committee is empowered to make exceptions by endorsing individual candidates in nonpartisan elections.


If Restivo operated within the chain of command, he would recommend candidates for endorsement to the 44th AD Republican Central Committee. The Committee would then interview them. If members vote to recommend them for endorsement, they take their case to the LA County Central Committee. Members of the County Committee then take a vote. If a candidate is approved by a majority of its more than 100 members, they are officially endorsed by the Republican Party.

Restivo also defied the 44th AD Republican Central Committee by referring to his club as a “committee,” a term that has special significance in the Republican Party hierarchy. The Central Committee has explicitly told him not to do this. His Republican Club has no authority other than that granted to his organization by the 44th AD Republican Central Committee.

La Cañada Flintridge voters should know that the Republican Party has not yet endorsed any La Cañada Flintridge City Council candidates, and that Al Restivo is not the voice of the Republican Party in our town.

David C. Wilcox

La Cañada Flintridge

The writer is an alternate member of the 44th Assembly District Republican Central Committee

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