Guest Column: LCHS jumps to #3 USC feeder school

December 02, 2010|By Scott Tracy

Of the 375 La Cañada High School June 2010 graduates, 99% are currently enrolled at colleges throughout the country (plus several abroad) with approximately 80% attending four-year colleges.

Top USC and UC Feeder School

USC offered admission to 51 La Cañada seniors (nearly 14% of the class) from 99 applications. With 24 Spartans (6% of the class) enrolling at USC in the fall, La Cañada jumps to the third most represented school (public or private) among USC's fall 2010 entering freshman class. A 25th Spartan will matriculate in the spring term.

Much larger Fullerton Troy (500+ seniors) and Arcadia (900+ seniors) were first and second, respectively. Harvard Westlake trailed La Cañada with 23 fall enrollees at USC.


Last year, LCHS was the seventh most represented public school among USC's freshman class with 16 matriculants.

Several La Cañada seniors were named USC Trustee Scholars (full tuition) and Presidential Scholars (half tuition) in 2010.

Separately, La Cañada continued its long-standing tradition as a top UC feeder school. One hundred fifty-five LCHS graduates (41% of the class) were accepted by at least one University of California campus, with 72 students (19% of the class) choosing to enroll.

Seventy-three admission letters were offered to La Cañada 2010 graduates by the UC flagship campuses — Berkeley and UCLA. Eighteen offers of admission were accepted (nearly 5% of the class) by 2010 graduates who are now enrolled at Berkeley or Westwood.

Spartans' Favorite Colleges

The three most applied-to colleges last year were UC San Diego (35% of the class), UCLA (34%), and UC Santa Barbara (30%).

However, more LCHS Spartans (25) ultimately enrolled at USC than any other four-year college with UC Santa Barbara (12) a distant second.

Admission Offers

La Cañada graduates were viewed most favorably in the admissions process by many selective colleges. A prime example is USC's 50% acceptance rate for La Cañada applicants, which is about 26 percentage points higher than USC's reported acceptance rate in its fall 2010 freshmen profile.

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