City turns right in election

Despite lagging Republican registrations, LCF voters came out for GOP.

November 10, 2010|By Joe Piasecki, The Valley Sun

The number of registered Republicans in La Cañada Flintridge has been shrinking over the past six years, but local results for the Nov. 2 election suggest that voters who turned out to the polls were in a generally conservative mood.

If election results had been decided only by La Cañada voters, Meg Whitman would have trounced Gov.-elect Jerry Brown 58% to 39%, the Democratic near-sweep of other top state offices would have been a Republican one, and Carly Fiorina would be headed to Washington.

Proposition 25, which lowers the legislative requirement to pass a budget to a simple majority and received 54.7% statewide support, would have failed in a La Cañada-only vote with just 45% support.

And while Democratic state Assemblyman Anthony Portantino would have still kept his seat, his 64.2% margin of victory of young Tea Party challenger Alvaro Day would have dropped to a squeaker of 53%.

"Locally, we Republicans did a better job of mobilizing the vote," said La Cañada Flintridge Republican Committee Chairman Al Restivo.


It is unclear whether local numbers are a result of strong Republican turnout or a majority of Decline-to-State voters leaning to the right, but Restivo said Whitman's strong showing locally would seem to suggest she held an advantage with unaffiliated voters.

Celina Lew, a founding president of the Cañada Crescenta Democratic Club, said local gubernatorial tallies reflected a more even voter turnout among all registration groups, if in fact Decline-to-State voters split somewhat evenly between Brown and Whitman.

A voter registration tally on Oct. 18 recorded 6,787 Republican (48%), 4,257 Democrat (30%) and 2,668 Decline- to-State (19%) voters.

In October 2004, there were 7,482 Republican (55%), 3,610 Democrat (27%) and 2,037 Decline-to-State (15%) registrations.

La Cañada Flintridge voters cast 7,679 ballots on Nov. 2, which represented a 54% turnout of registered voters.

Lew said that rather than target Decline-to-State voters, local Democrats joined United Democratic Headquarters in its strategy of making sure registered Democrats — who hold a strong majority countywide and in Portantino's 44th Assembly District — got to the polls.

"We weren't trying to convince independents. In L.A. County, the strategy was to identify Democrats and get them to the polls. It was a bigger-picture strategy," she said.

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