Our Readers Write: Middle class needs to unite, vote

October 28, 2010

Wow, this election cycle is really astonishing; the money flow, the heated rhetoric, the extreme views!

I believe that the anticipated demise of our majority democratic government is greatly exaggerated. It can only happen if the majority of voters is apathetic or votes against its own interests.

Let's face it, most of this country's citizens are not rich. Most will never have to worry about survivors having to pay inheritance taxes. Most pay Social Security taxes on all their earnings while those who make over $102,000 don't.


The deregulation of the banking industry and Wall Street, the outsourcing of jobs overseas and many other shenanigans have impoverished a lot us and enriched those who concocted it all.

And yet we are asked to believe that the current huge deficits, the high unemployment and big recession are all Mr. Obama's fault. And, have you seen the bombarding of the airwaves with hideous advertisements against the president paid for by special interests? Can we, the majority, afford to counter any of that?

The last administration and its allies made big bets and the executives paid themselves mighty salaries, but the country as a whole is still suffering big consequences. Now the same groups are pouring large amounts of money into the campaign to suppress the vote to regain power. Their policies advance only their interests not those of the middle class. The mantra has always been 'personal responsibility', but for whom? As far as I know, nobody has been held responsible for invading Iraq, the current housing and worldwide financial meltdown and the resulting high unemployment.

Well, the numbers are on the side of the middle class. All we have to do is go out and vote and give the president and the next Congress a little more time to put the country back on track. One could admire the Herculean efforts made to foment public outrage and suppress the vote. This effort will fail if we, the majority, go out and vote to show that we can defend our interests also. Please remember, they have the funds to put their propaganda machine on steroids; we have the numbers and that counts a lot.

Maria Guinta

La Cañada

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