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September 15, 2010

Support schools when shopping for groceries

When shopping at Vons in La Cañada and Montrose during the next three weeks beginning Saturday, Sept. 18, you can help raise money for La Cañada Unified School District PTAs by putting your register receipt into special containers at Vons.

A Back-to-Schools program sponsored by Vons donates 10% of the price paid for designated products to local PTAs.

A redemption code appears at the bottom of your receipt if you purchased those products, and the PTAs need the redemption code to claim the money.


The money raised from the receipts will be split among the district's PTAs — the high school (7-12) and three elementary schools. A shopper can designate a particular La Cañada public-school's name on the receipt before putting it in the container.

Information about the Vons 10-Percent-Goes-Back-to-Schools program is available at Information about registering your Vons Club card to benefit a school is available at

Thank you for supporting LCUSD schools. And thank you to Vons managers Tom Gasca and Jenn Alquitela and Vons for supporting our schools.

Lori Moody

La Cañada

Editor's note: The writer is the chairman of Passive Fundraising for La Cañada High School 7-12 PTAs.


Another view on financial reforms

In last week's letters to the editor Lauren Oakes wrote a rebuttal to a previous letter. In commenting on the "financial reforms" legislation, she neglected to mention that some of the most egregious activities of the banks have been outlawed by this new legislation. One is changing interest rates at will for existing credit card balances. No other business is allowed to change prices after the purchase and this single item brings some sanity to credit card interest charges.

The comment about reading fine print terms of a credit card or checking account agreement (and understanding it) to shop for a 'better deal' is nearly impossible. Just walk into any bank and ask them for a copy of their credit card terms. See if they even have it.

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