All Health's Breaking Loose: Making the effort to improve

August 04, 2010|By Loa Blasucci

You cannot buy energy — it's priceless. You can, however, acquire it for free. And while it's easily spent or wasted, it remains the most coveted commodity on the planet.

So, how do you feel? I'm asking not in a general, casual way, but asking you to take inventory on a deeper level. How do you really feel? Energy is your life force. Without it you can accomplish nothing. But, with an abundance of energy, your options are limitless!

Your level of energy is an accurate barometer of the quality of life you are experiencing. Feeling vigorous, with joy and the energy to move around and do whatever you want, IS how you win the game of life. I'll ask again — how do you feel? Or to say it another way — how strong is your life force?


Take this quiz to find out just how "alive" you are. On a piece of paper, number 1 through 5. Answer these five questions, rating your overall experience, 10 being a perfect score on the first half of the question and 1 being low on the second half.

1. As you arise in the morning, do you get out of bed easily moving right into the events of the day or do you drag around with "heaviness" until you've slung back several cups of coffee or had something to eat?

2. Are you usually calm; shoulders relaxed, with good posture, breathing easily; or more often than not, are you stressed, storing tension in your upper neck, shoulders, low back or belly?

3. Are you perky and alert throughout the workday? Or do you fade in the afternoon using caffeine or food to keep you "alert?"

4. Is exercise part of your routine — do you look forward to exercise because you know it's going to feel great, or do you drag yourself there and some days even pull the covers up over your head and forget it?

5. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate the relationships in your life. 10 being content and fulfilled, 1 being frustrated, sad or lonely

Total your score:

45-50 You are vital and strong with a body that can support your goals and dreams. You may have been active in sports or other activities and most likely have joy in your life on some level. You are a disciplined person who tries to make healthy choices.

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