Same-sex couples as parents

In Theory

July 07, 2010

CNN recently aired a documentary titled "Gary and Tony Have a Baby," where CNN's Soledad O'Brien followed a same-sex couple in "their struggle against the legal and personal obstacles to become parents" and their quest to achieve a life as mainstream as possible. How do you feel about gay couples having a family? Should they be allowed to adopt and be foster parents? What if you had a gay member of your family and they decided to have a baby through adoption, surrogacy or sperm donor? How would you react to it?

Divine Love is the basis for the desire to bring a new soul into this world.

One of the ways in which we can know the Infinite, is as the perfect expression of Divine Love. God as love sees only the good in the hearts of those who desire a child.

In other words, the principle of Divine Love includes everyone. No one is excluded from the free expression of Divine Love. I'm in favor of same-sex couples raising a child (having a baby through surrogacy, sperm donor or adoption). Also, I am in favor of the single parent (either female or male) who has the desire to raise a child.


In my family, if some relative chose a same-sex union and wanted to raise a child, we would still embrace them as members of our family. We might have many different, human opinions about their lifestyle, but we would do our best to still consider them to be members of our greater family and accept them in love.

•The REV. JERI LINN is pastor of Unity Church of the Valley in Montrose. Reach her at (818) 249-4396.

I want to start with a word of appreciation to Gary and Tony for making the desires of their hearts so public. It is a bridge-building effort to cover the gap between "us" and "them" by naming the yearning that human people hold in common. In some ways, this is a more courageous sort of activism than marching in the street with signs — this exposure of soul to everyone from kindred spirits to harsh evaluators of parental suitability.

In the United Methodist Church, we believe that the family is the most basic human community through which persons are nurtured and sustained in mutual love, responsibility, respect and fidelity. We readily acknowledge that the idea of family embraces a wide range of options, and we welcome and support families in all their beautiful configurations.

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