Lund speaks at luncheon

Chief executive of trucking company shares insights on the industry.

May 06, 2010|By Megan O’Neil

As the founder and chief executive of the Allen Lund Company, a national third-party transportation broker, Allen Lund commands attention when he speaks.

And he did just that at the La Cañada Flintridge Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Friday, providing members of the local business community with a crash course on the trucking industry.

The Allen Lund Company, founded in 1976, has been headquartered in La Cañada for 32 years. It has grown to include 30 offices and 300 employees across the country, Lund said.


“We handled over 238,000 shipments last year; probably 90% are full trucks,” Lund said. “That is a lot of semis going up and down the 210 [Freeway].”

Agriculture makes up most of their business, Lund said, and clients include Costco, Pepsi Cola and Nestle. Improved infrastructure and safety measures have resulted in a steady year-over-year decline in truck accidents nationwide, he said.

“Equipment, tires, engine, brakes, better braking materials, better technology — a truck nowadays is cleaner and safer. It’s the nut behind the wheel you have to worry about,” Lund said.

Among the most pressing issues in the industry are the inconsistencies in trucking laws state to state, and new emissions regulations, Lund said.

Pat Anderson, chief executive of the chamber, described Lund as a “gentle giant” who has grown into an icon in La Cañada.

“He does so much for the schools, both public and parochial, and he contributes substantially to the community,” Anderson said.

The Allen Lund Company sponsors, among other things, the fireworks show during the city’s annual Fiesta Days celebration, which takes place the last weekend in May.

“This is an incredible man who has taken a business and built it from the ground up .?.?. and he treats all of his employees like they [are] family,” Anderson said.

Lund has sat on the boards at St. Francis High School, the University of Portland and Homebody Industries, and has served on the finance committee of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

“One of the things he preaches is that if there is something important to you, don’t just give money to it, get involved. And he has lived that,” said his son, Ed Lund.

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