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They went for the Gold

La Cañada Girl Scouts earn the organization’s highest honors at event.

May 06, 2010|By Nicole Charky

One project the troop took on was a Secret Safari, which included a day of traveling by bus to the science center, beach and aquarium with a younger Girl Scout troop.

The older Girl Scouts planned the entire day, from bus rentals to aquarium group rates, budget and snacks.

“These girls very much did their own thing,” DaVolio said. “In the beginning it was trying to help them develop confidence.”

DaVolio has led her troop since they were sixth-graders. This means a lot to her, especially because she has one special member, her daughter, Emma Persson.


Emma is a junior at La Cañada High School who raised money and collected sewing supplies for two Afghan girls schools, Zarghuna Ana and Nazu Ana, in a refugee camp in Pakistan.

Emma had enough supplies to create 30 kits for graduating eighth-graders, a typical end of an education for Afghan women.

She raised money at Round Table and La Cañada United Methodist Church. After her fundraising was completed, she sent the packages to the girls. She later received pictures from the teacher of the girls opening her packages and passing around the kits.

“The best part about being a Girl Scout is to be able to spread the values that I’ve learned from the community of girls that I didn’t know when I started out,” Emma said.

Emma views education differently after her project.

“I also think that we, not only myself, we take education for granted, especially in our small community of La Cañada,” she said. “Many of [the Afghan girls] would get married off at 12 years old, and they’d never get a chance to go to school. That’s why I wanted to help and encourage and keep the schools alive.”

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