Along the Scouting Trails:

Cub Scouts visit the Valley Sun

December 24, 2009

Cub Scouts from Den 3 of pack 512 visited the La Cañada Valley Sun offices to find out how newspapers are made on Friday. They were learning about different ways of communicating.

Staff writer/sports editor Seth Amitin explained the business. At the end of their visit, they said they had learned the following:

•?Newspapers have to capture the reader’s attention to tell the people of La Cañada what’s happening.

•?Newspaper writing is a lot harder than writing in school.

•?You have to interview and contact a lot of people to get the right information. And you only publish information that is true.


•?The different jobs are reporter, editor, designer and photographer.

•?The editor reads every story to make sure the information is correct.

•?Story ideas get to the newspaper by a police scanner, a telephone, schedules, contacts, coaches, e-mail, fax machines, letters and people who come in.

•?The most important thing about a newspaper is that you write the true facts.

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