Make your vote count Oct. 5

September 24, 2009

Settled into a seat in the far back row of Lanterman Auditorium Saturday morning to take notes on the sewer workshop being held there, I figured no one would notice me.

It turned out to be a very small crowd, though. The meeting was organized to provide information to voters mulling the $40 million low-pressure sewer system in proposed districts 5A, 6E & 6J, a total of 680 properties.

I counted 27 heads in the audience that weren’t attached to city officials or members of the project team. About 30 minutes later I did another count and decided maybe there were 35 property owners there.


One of the attendees mentioned he had also been to last Thursday night’s workshop on the same subject, and was disappointed that there was the same light attendance at both meetings. He thought maybe the city should have made a greater effort to get people there.

Before the man spoke, I had been thinking to myself the turnout seemed awfully light for a vote that could cost people a very big chunk of money. But then I considered that if as many as 60-70 people (combined) attended the workshops, that was about 10% of the voters and that’s a fairly reasonable turnout for an event advertised by direct mail, as these workshops had been.

I also heard the mayor say 250 people had already cast their votes, so that really meant only 430 ballots were outstanding. There would surely be a percentage of those who knew one way or another how they wanted to vote, and so they wouldn’t be likely to attend either workshop.

Lost in my minor calculations and beginning to zone out, I heard my name mentioned. I recognized the voice of the mayor. Apparently she noticed me way up in the nosebleed section of the auditorium. Nodding at me as she spoke into a microphone, presumably hoping I would nod in return, she was saying “Mrs. Cormaci” would be sure to mention in the Valley Sun that the ballots are due Oct. 5.

OK. Consider it done, Madam Mayor. All of you who live in districts 5A, 6E and 6J who haven’t yet voted on Proposed Sewer District 9-01, get your vote in. Yay or nay, make it count.

And remember, only one vote per household, so, as the mayor pointed out, two people who own a property together are going to have to agree on their stance.

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