Valley Sun All-Star Ella Cline:

All-Star lets her light shine

August 20, 2009|By Ruth Longoria

She illumines the stage and shares her light with others less fortunate across the globe. This week’s La Cañada Valley Sun All-Star is 11-year-old Ella Cline, a sixth grader at Crestview Preparatory School.

Ella enjoys a variety of hobbies, including dance and riding her bicycle. She also lights candles for services as an acolyte at Salem Lutheran Church in Glendale.

Ella is a voracious reader, and enjoys making up stories especially for school writing assignments, she said.

Ella is the daughter of Jim Cline and Dr. Joanna Haase Cline, of La Cañada. She has a sister, Libby, 26, and a brother, J.J., 7, a second-grade student at Crestview Preparatory School.


Ella has two primary passions, dance and doing for others, her mom said.

Ella’s parents began early on teaching their children to use their money wisely and share some of what they have with those less fortunate. Each child was told they could share with whichever charity they chose, Haase Cline said.

“Ella is extremely tenderhearted,” her mom said, adding that the child looked up the World Vision website and after research, selected another young girl, Mervis, in Zambia, who needed her support.

“I first found two little girls and I couldn’t decide which one, but the next day, the other little girl, Alice, was already sponsored, so I got Mervis,” Ella said, adding that it has been fun to share what she has with the other child, including both money and fun items.

“I got this little googley-eyed elephant sticker for her and I have a doll that my friends made of me that I’m planning to send her for Christmas,” she said.

Ella sponsors 2-year-old Mervis monthly. She does that through recycling, giving of her allowance and asking for monetary donations for Mervis instead of some birthday and Christmas gifts for herself, Haase Cline said.

When she grows up, Ella said she’d like to be a professional dancer, a lawyer, or a doctor.

“I think it would be fun to be a lawyer or a doctor because they get to help people and do more,” she said.

However, ballroom dance also has long been a passion for the versatile youth. For the past few years, she has studied dance through Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Pasadena, where she is known for her talent and charming personality.

“Ella’s very, very talented,” said Angela Wiggins, a counselor at Fred Astaire Dance Studio.

“She’s bright and cheery and likes to perform,” Wiggins said, adding, “Ella lights up the stage. Everyone wants to see her dance because she’s really cute and fun to watch.”

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