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Psychics believe they’re on trail of killers

Film crew thinks they may have solved the 2000 murder of a La Cañada Flintridge pair.

April 23, 2009|By Mary O’Keefe

Through hours of research Hansen found family and friends whom he interviewed. The team of investigators followed up on leads and looked through mounds of paperwork and newspaper articles covering the murder. The psychics walked through the desert area where the couple was found and visited the cemetery. Lead psychic Lenny Feldsott saw the image of Joni in the desert.

“She was dressed casual,” he said. “Normally she would not go anywhere without make-up and dressed [perfectly].”

Through her spirit’s guidance, Feldsott and the other psychics on his team learned how the murder unfolded and believe they know what the couple went through in the last moments of their lives.

Hansen and Feldsott said they were continuously surprised throughout the investigation at what they were learning about the couple and their untimely deaths.


When they were murdered, the Tillmans had various legal problems, including embezzlement litigation, but what investigators found was that the couple were much more complex than the lawsuits and scandal that surrounded them.

In the DVD that followed the investigation, friends talk about how much they loved Joni and what a great friend she was to all of them.

“We found that, yes, [Harold] probably did embezzle money, but it didn’t seem that he did it from [greed] but just because he wanted to give Joni everything he could,” Hansen said.

The DVD demo takes the audience through many twists and turns as investigators interview not only those that were the couple’s closest friends, but also people that detectives had interviewed as “persons of interest.”

At one point in the DVD, the psychics are seen walking through the desert near the graves.

“That was amazing,” Feldsott said. “There were so many [souls] there. Hundreds.”

The team will now present what they found to the detectives in charge of the case. Hansen feels strongly that what his team has discovered will lead to the capture of the murderers.

“We feel the murder was well planned,” Hansen said.

“It was meticulous,” Feldsott added.

Hansen started this project not only because of how intriguing he thinks audiences will find it, but to help those who have lost loved ones to crime find closure.

“The couple’s friends all talked to us because they were glad somebody was looking into the case,” Hansen said. “They want closure.”

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