Accidents slow 210 Friday night

A sheriff spin-out and a lookie-loo crash occur.

April 23, 2009|By Mary O’Keefe

The driver of a Los Angeles County Sheriff’s vehicle lost control Friday night while it headed eastbound on the Foothill (210) Freeway and hit the center divider just east of the Angeles Crest Highway exit. Moments later, two vehicles traveling westbound on the 210 collided in the same area.

“They were most likely onlookers who slowed down to look at the [sheriff unit] accident,” said California Highway Patrol Officer Jesus Gomez.

According to Gomez, the accidents happened at about 6:30 p.m. The sheriff’s vehicle, out of the Altadena station, spun out of control and hit the center median. A deputy was transported to a local hospital with minor injuries.


“We shut down the entire eastbound 210 for a short while,” Gomez said.

The freeway was closed while the sheriff’s wreck was cleared. Moments afterward, a big rig rear-ended a pick-up truck traveling westbound on the 210 just opposite of the sheriff’s accident.

“[It appeared] that one vehicle slowed down and the other vehicle struck it,” Gomez said.

Although the second crash was a non-injury accident with only minor property damage, the westbound freeway had to be shut down and Los Angeles County Fire Department and hazmat crews had to be called to the location. The big rig had spilled antifreeze and the pickup truck, which was carrying pool cleaning equipment, had spilled about a gallon of chlorine on the roadway.

“We kept the number one lane open [as the crews cleaned up the hazardous materials],” Gomez said.

There is still no known cause for the sheriff’s collision, CHP is investigating.

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