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April 23, 2009|By Loa Blasucci

Before Susan Boyle sang on “Britain’s Got Talent,” Simon asked her, “How old are you, Susan?”

“Forty-seven,” she chirped. Groans and murmuring were heard all throughout the audience. They were expecting a much higher number — she had the face and countenance of a woman 15 years her senior.

The topography of our faces and the shape of our bodies represent to the world how “well” we really are. Susan had been the longtime caretaker of an ailing mother. Living in the same house where she grew up, Susan said she was unable to date or do many of the things she wanted because the responsibility of meeting her Mum’s needs went on for many years.


We all have circumstances in our lives — not of our choosing — that cause us to feel stuck or trapped in a scenario. Our lives aren’t perfect, and the ongoing challenge is to navigate through the difficulties and the good times with a feeling of peace and contentment. There are as many steps to good health as there are hits to Susan singing on YouTube — last I checked it was more than 40 million.

Rather than focus on what we can “do,” let’s consider what we “feel.” An internal disposition of gratitude and calmness plays a major role in our state of health. When gratitude is present, it is impossible to feel stress or anxiety because they are polar opposites. Feelings of gratitude and contentment override stress and allow energy to flow freely. When energy flows freely, the body is able to heal and repair itself. We can slow down the aging processes of our body by feeling peace inside. This may seem like a tall order, so to break it down I’ve compiled a list of 12 factors that bring harmony and keep you young. Check to see how many of these you have going in your own life:

Job satisfaction

Daily meditation

Happy marriage or long-

term relationship

Regular daily routine

Feeling in control of your

personal life

Ability to laugh easily

Ability to express feelings


Desire to create, design or

be productive

Optimistic about the future

Ability to make and keep

close friends

Being open-minded to new

ideas and possibilities

Regular exercise

Hopefully you scored more than eight, and if you scored more than ten, good for you—you’re really living well! Susan’s mother is gone, so Susan gathered up the courage to fulfill a life-long dream. She wowed Britain with her velvety, magical voice and a surprising, show-stopping performance. She is truly beautiful on the inside. Now about those eyebrows…

I’ll see you in two weeks.

Love & health, Loa

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