St. Francis quarterback ‘all-American’ All-star

June 19, 2008|By Ruth Longoria

Running the football field isn’t the only way this quarterback is expected to go far.

Austin Heyworth, 18, who recently graduated from St. Francis High School, earned a football scholarship to UC Davis and is this week’s Valley Sun All Star.

He was nominated to be a Valley Sun All Star by staff at the high school where Heyworth has shown he’s a star athlete and all around good kid.


“Austin is certainly a fine young man,” said St. Francis honors English teacher Rudy Trujillo.

“He speaks well, carries himself well, and is a courteous, mature, thoughtful and respectful young man,” Trujillo said of Heyworth. “He’s going to do well in life because he’s a considerate and serious young man.”

He’s also a good athlete. While a student at St. Francis, Heyworth played baseball and football all four years, basketball as a freshman, and golf as a senior.

He suffered a knee injury while playing football in December, but underwent reconstructive knee surgery and rehabilitation and is expected to be able to play again this fall.

One week after his surgery, Heyworth was back on the football field — cheering his teammates on, said Jim Bonds, head football coach at St. Francis High School.

“That’s the kind of great kid he is,” Bonds said. “He’s an all American kid — the kind of kid you’d want your daughter to marry.”

Bonds said Heyworth’s receiving the football scholarship to UC Davis is “extraordinary” since Heyworth’s surgery kept him from playing football for about half the season.

“That just shows how impressed [the college] was with Austin, not just his athletic ability, but [with] him as a person,” Bonds said, adding that Heyworth’s grade point average was 4.2 in the youth’s senior year.

“He’s well liked by his peers and a great leader,” Bonds said. “That’s why the team faltered a bit after his surgery. Not just because of his quarterback skills but we missed his leadership abilities.”

While at UC Davis, Heyworth plans to study business and earn a master’s in business administration.

He hopes to either pursue management or entrepreneurship.

For fun, Heyworth likes to read fiction, such as John Grisham novels, and play golf and cards with his friends.

He is the oldest of three sons born to Kathy and Kenny Heyworth of Monrovia. His brother Blake, 13, is a student at St. Rita’s Catholic School in Sierra Madre where Austin attended kindergarten through eighth-grade. Younger brother Trey, 5, will start kindergarten at St. Rita’s in the fall.

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