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Alex Rosen dazzles and entertains the masses

March 27, 2008|By ruth longoria valley sun

It’s a bit like watching a scene from the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” Only instead of young and old fans paying homage to the charming wise guy teen portrayed by Matthew Broderick, kids and adults who know this multi-faceted charmer can’t say enough about La Cañada High School sophomore Alex Rosen.

“He’s the most multi-talented person I know,” said Miles Crosman, a senior at La Cañada High School. “I’ve only known him this year, but he’s so funny and awesome.”

Rosen, 15, was nominated for a Valley Sun All Star by the parent of another student. That parent asked to remain anonymous. However, Rosen has no shortage of teens and adults who can’t wait to add their name to his list of fans.


“Alex is pretty cool, he’s a good person,” said Ryan Lisman, a freshman at the high school. “He’s into drama and music, he’s great.”

“Yeah, he’s amazing,” sophomore Kinlee Winnaman chimed in. “He’s got great hair, and teeth like a minx.”

“He’s really intense,” added Jensen Higley, a senior at the school.

Praise of Rosen extends to his musicianship, dramatics, and academic achievements. “He’s a dynamic musician, and very bright and intellectual,” said Kandy Basmajian, Rosen’s high school guidance counselor.

Rosen maintains a 4.2 grade point average while taking three honors classes as well as advanced drama and choir. “Teachers consistently report he’s a pleasure to have in class,” Basmajian said. “He’s very well rounded and is doing well in all of his classes.”

He was born in Glendale to Paul and Lois Rosen. Paul Rosen is a scientist/engineer at JPL and Lois Rosen is a writer and genealogist. Alex has two sisters: Anya, a freshman at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh and Abigail, 10, a fourth-grader at Paradise Canyon Elementary School. The family moved to La Cañada when Alex began first grade at Paradise Canyon. He started playing piano when he was 3 years old and studied at the Colburn School in Los Angeles beginning at age 4. He currently studies with Kevin Fitz-Gerald, a professor of piano at the University of Southern California.

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