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January 24, 2008

On liberalism coming to town

I read recently about the changing political makeup of La Cañada [“Numbers show an increase in La Cañada Democrats,” Valley Sun, Jan. 10].

The bad news is that there has been an increase of about 450 liberals along with a decline of about 300 Republicans.


What’s going on?

I escaped liberalism in Glendale some 25 years ago only to find it spreading into this city. It seems that liberals multiply at an exponential rate.

We have been infiltrated by the forces of socialism and they are difficult to eliminate.

The incremental taking of our freedoms and liberties and Marxist-like confiscation of our earnings are two of the deadliest diseases of socialism. Witness the three Democrat presidential stooges fighting over who has the biggest welfare plan they will bestow upon the people.

You see, deducting 8% from your paychecks now to cover social security may not hurt so bad, but wait until they start taking an additional 20% to cover free universal healthcare, 5% to cover free universal college education, 5% to cover free universal child care, 50% universal federal income tax rate for everyone, 15% universal state income tax rate and you find out there’s nothing left after paying for all that free stuff. Once infected, there is no known cure for that horrific liberalism disease. Its voracious appetite to control people’s lives only grows with each promise made. Liberals don’t care about the destruction they cause.

Be warned about the hypnotic effect of that social utopia being promised by liberals.

You will find that social utopia to be your hell on earth. Bob Tanabe, La Cañada

Good experience with sewer team

With regards to advocacy for sewer systems in La Cañada, we come from a polar opposite from that of Editor Cormaci; we opposed the sewer initiatives because they allow for increased development and population density in this special, lovely town I have called home since moving here as an infant in 1959.

That said, we have met with nothing but pleasant interactions with the construction staff (pleasant being a relative term under the circumstances of construction), and consistently straightforward answers and commitments from the Ken Thompson team and the project engineer.

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