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July 19, 2007

Letters to the Editor

ContradictionCan anyone explain how the Chevron station has received the La Cañada Beautiful Award when they have right in front of the sign an overflowing trash can with trash that cannot be emptied? Attached is a picture, quite a contradiction of terms! Jon Burke, La Cañada

Frozen Yogurt

As a resident of La Cañada, I would like to respond to your story about Pinkberry ["Trendy Yogurt Store to Open in La Cañada," July 12].


I have been a customer of Penguin's Frozen Yogurt for years and enjoy not only the yogurt but also the family style atmosphere and the attention the employees give me when I come in. They even call me when my favorite flavor comes in.

I will continue to support this business and their large selection of yogurt over the small variety and stuffy feel that I felt when I visited other Pinkberry's in the past. Long live Peanut Butter frozen yogurt! Jeff Amaral, La CañadaSTOP! Please!Three cheers. The revitalization of the Vons Plaza at Foothill and Oakwood is being revisited.

While the city and Vons are at it, they should revisit basic traffic laws.

Please put stop signs at all of the exits from the Vons Plaza parking lots, particularly those onto Oakwood. Shoppers exiting the plaza act as if they have the right of way and that everyone coming north on Oakwood is going to turn into the plaza. Hello, people. There are residences north of the plaza and cars headed that way have the right of way.

Spend a few minutes observing traffic exiting the plaza and you will see that given the choice between stopping and just rolling on out into the street, the majority of drivers just roll on out into the street.

Traffic gets really interesting when those leaving the Penguin's and the La Cañada Public Library parking lots, both across Oakwood, do the same. All the while, there is traffic going north on Oakwood past all of these destinations.

So put stop signs at the exits to all of these parking lots.

And occasionally a sheriff's deputy.

Anyone who spends much time driving in La Cañada knows that very few residents actually stop at stop signs. John Dreyer, La Cañada

Pasadena Pops

Several issues need to be brought to the attention of the Pasadena Pops Orchestra's viewing public.

1. The Pops Orchestra (with essentially the same players) has been playing as an orchestra for over 19 years.

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