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Local Girl Scouts to Receive Gold Awards May 21

May 18, 2006

Kristene is a junior attending La Cañada High School where she has belonged to the school’s varsity soccer team for three years. She was also the junior varsity’s volleyball captain, and currently the vice-president of Spanish Club, as well as an active member PTSA, CSF, and Mu Alpha Theta as a part of the Math Club. She also volunteers at the YMCA’s summer camp program as a counselor.

In addition to Girl Scouts and school related activities, Kristene enjoys running, soccer, volleyball, traveling, ceramics, photography, snowboarding, and hanging out with her friends.

Kristene is the proud daughter of Annette Mangassarian and Norair Ghazarian and has been a member of Girl Scouts for eleven years.


“I would like to thank my family and troop Leader, Susan Ratliff, for their continuous support, encouragement, and tremendous help in my Gold Award. In addition I would like to thank my friends and their families as well as the public who helped in donating bottles, uniforms, and equipment. A special thanks to Mr. Sheppard who helped make my soccer clinic possible by allowing me to use the High School’s soccer field as well as equipment for the drills,” says Kristene.  

Polene Ghazarian

Polene’s Gold Award Project consisted of collecting recyclables in order to buy fleece to make fleece blankets. Requiring one and a half to two yards of fabric for each blanket, Polene was able to raise enough funds to make a total of 40 blankets. These blankets were shipped to Armenia where they will aid in the protection of children attending school during the winter in the rural part of Armenia. This under funded school relies on donations from the public therefore by providing them with blankets she was not only able to keep the children warm but also keep them more focused on their schoolwork instead of fighting to stay warm.

Polene is currently a junior at La Cañada High School. She is in her third year on her school’s varsity soccer team, a member of the junior varsity volleyball team, Spanish Club, Mu Alpha Theta part of her Math Club, PTSA, along with being a Senior Girl Scout. During the summer she enjoys being a counselor at the YMCA summer day camp.

In addition, she likes to snowboard, play soccer and volleyball, hang out with her friends and family, cook, and travel.

Polene is the proud daughter of Annette Mangassarian and Norair Ghazarian and is in her eleventh year as a Girl Scout in Troop #599.

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