Chit Chat From Here and There

December 22, 2005|By Jane Napier Neely

The excitement of little ones can hardly be contained as the time draws nigh for Santa Claus's visit. Yes, I'm even running on high octane too -- after all, this is my favorite holiday.

The other evening I could hardly believe my ears when I heard the clip-clop of a horse's hooves traveling down my street. I ran to the window and saw the Montrose Shopping Park's bright red trolley and its trusty steed passing by.

The trolley was all lit up and it was quite magical as its passengers waved hello. There is something truly delightful and village-like about strolling down Honolulu Avenue these days and nights with the colorful decorations and lights.


My neighbors said they did all their Christmas shopping in the village shops. They took a ride on the trolley and then stopped for a refreshing pick-me-up-beverage at the Baru , a popular watering hole.

They said this was their happiest Christmas shopping experience ever!


The Oakmont League recently had their annual Christmas party for members, spouses and friends. The setting was the beautifully decorated Oakmont Country Club.

Martha Feutz deserves many kudos for her exceptional coordination of the party that was themed, "Nutcracker Sweets." Martha is a fan of these wooden figures that first appeared in Germany many years ago.

Each of the dining tables was centered with a differently dressed nutcracker, surrounded by a wreath and candles. Martha is an avid collector of the wooden nutcracker figures and brought several of her own "guys" to display the evening of the party.

The party was a joyful beginning to the festive Christmas season.

Guests sipped cocktails and then were seated for a lovely dinner. Later on in the evening the Frank Jordan band provided the tunes for dancing.

Some of the guests included Monica and Jose Sierra, Ann and Ron Wacker, Fran and Terry Buchanan, Carolyn Beaton, Jeri Benton and Bob Clark, Denneen and Gordon Acker, Marlene and David Hirt, Shirley Johnstone, Joe and Roberta Raffaelli, Marla and Jeff Butler, Chris and Michael Halajian, Amparo Henspetter, and Shauna and Ken Lehman.

More party people were Marion Graydon and Paul Green, Doris Boyer and Leonard DeGrassi, Ken and Esther Bowen, Barbara and Les McCullough, Donna and Frank Sauer, Lucy Yarick, Reah Carmichael and Daniel, Wanda and Tom Bistagne, Loma and Dale McCune.

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