A trip down memory lane

April 22, 2004

Dining With Duvall By Lynn Duvall

Last month I enjoyed a meal in the Hoover High School cafeteria, catered by Acapulco. My table mates were strangers, though, like me, they were graduates of the high school. We'd gathered with nearly 100 other grads to work on plans for the upcoming 75th anniversary celebration on May 15. One gentleman talked effusively about the jazz ensemble at the school.

His enthusiasm ran very high. Finally, when he stopped for a breath, I asked, "How do you know so much about them?" He explained that he taught in the Academy for Visual and Performing Arts at Hoover. He'd been listening to a rehearsal, marvelling at the improvisational talents of the young musicians. I was told that the ensemble is nationally rated among the top five high school jazz groups.


Our conversation was interrupted by other questions related to the business at hand, but I made a mental note that I'd like to learn more about this gentleman. I squinted to read his name tag and saw "George."

The committee met again last week. When I got the microphone during the introduction phase, I asked if anyone present lived in our Foothill communities. Across the room, I saw George raise his hand. George and his friend Lee Miller from the class of '52 agreed to pose for a photo. I wanted to capture Lee's amazing outfit. He was wearing his old letterman sweater and a purple hat with pins. I was impressed to find a man whose 50-year-old sweater was spotless and still fit perfectly.

Lee and George gave me endless directions. We had photos with flash, without flash, close-up, wide-shots. Finally, we had a shot in the digital camera's viewer that satisfied all of us. Lee went back to committee business.

I settled down to talk with George.

A few minutes into our talk, George mentioned that his wife was the organist at St. Bede's Church. I looked more closely at his name tag: "George Klump."

"Oh my gosh," I exclaimed, "My husband Bob and I have known your wife Barbara Klump for 14 years." We first worked with Barbara at Lazare-Johnson Realty. Later, all three of us worked together again at MacGregor Realty.

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