Neighborhood goes to the ducks, baby ducks

April 22, 2004

Shirley's Sunshine By Shirley DeGrey

It isn't very often that wild duck will eave the nest and parade her flock of baby ducks around the neighborhood.

But eyewitnesses stick to this charming post-Easter story about "Mama Duck and Her 10 Babies," which will be long-remembered - an unusual guest writer's contribution to the Valley Sun by Dick De Grey.


I was standing in the driveway talking to a friend when I looked up and saw this mallard duck and 10 babies in flie, walking nonchalantly in front of our house.

I hurried in for the camera and found out the duck parade was headed back up our srteet (Woodfield Road).

It turned out the ducks had a nest up the hill nearby. By this time, we had gathered several neighborhood kids and almost all the adults who were home, including Molly Brockmeyer, whose swimming pool and hillside were a home for the ducklings.

The Brockmeyer homeland included a hillside behind their home which lured the wild duck guests. It was a charming sight, and the group was joined by Woodfield Road children and parents all enjoying the "action" and interesting sights and sounds.

Our Woodfield Road neighborhood decided (informally) that the ducklings should learn to swim - and soon. The pool gate was opened and the baby ducks had a fine adventure - their first real swim! Soon the other neighbors who were at home had gathered excitedly to witness this big event.

After paddling around for some time with dubious results, they discovered the water level was several inches below the pool deck, and they couldn't get out.

Mama duck called for papa duck to come to their aid, which he did, but to no avail. Finally, "hostess" Brockmeyer had to fill the pool with enough water to allow the 10 little ones to get out.

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